Chris Martin appears by surprise at an instrument store and plays with fans in Buenos Aires [VÍDEO]

Coldplay vocalist Chris Martin caught the attention of the Argentine media for the way he has treated fans in the country

In Argentina since the beginning of the week, Chris Martin recently surprised the employees of an instrument store in Buenos Aires by showing up on the spot. With 10 shows scheduled in the country, the singer of Coldplay took the opportunity to play some tracks alongside two Argentine artists.

The curious encounter between Chris Martin and fans at the instrument store was posted by Lucca Nievas, one of the establishment’s employees, on social networks. “2 days ago I was watching him on River. I still haven’t finished digesting the tremendous show he put on and today he drops in the store!” he wrote.

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It turns out that, as if showing up by surprise at the place wasn’t enough, the singer of Coldplay even took the opportunity to play some songs. While taking care of the piano and guitar, Chris Martin was accompanied by Luccaat the bottom, and Samuel Baezanother store employee, on drums.

Together, the artists interpreted “Live Forever“, success of Oasis from 1994, “Isn’t Lovely“, in Stevie Wonderand finally, “from light music“, composition of the Argentine band Stereo Soda. The last track was even included in the shows that Coldplay held on the 25th and 26th in Argentina.

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At the end of the unexpected live music session with the vocalist, the employees of the Buenos Aires store also won tickets to the shows that the Coldplay will still perform at River Plate Stadium. “Thanks for the wave, Chris”, finished Luccain his post on social media (see below).

Chris Martin he has been attracting attention in the Argentine media since he arrived in the country, since, always charismatic and kind, he has spared no energy to greet and talk to fans he finds in bars and shops in Argentina. In addition to the shows held this week, Coldplay there are still presentations scheduled for October 28 and 29, November 01, 02, 04, 05, 07 and 08.

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