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October 28, 2022 | Updated October 28, 2022

In the last three days, the RD Summit, one of the biggest innovation, technology and marketing festivals in Latin America, is taking place in Florianópolis, with a forecast of receiving 11 thousand participants and bringing a lot of innovative content. What caught my attention the most is that practically all the speakers talked about future, innovation and metaverse. The changes in consumer behavior in the last ten years were crucial for brands to change their way of communicating and cinema was not left out.

Many experts claimed that the movie theater The days were numbered after the release of the streamings, but nothing like the cinema experience for you to feel connected with the story. Predicting the future is one of people’s great aspirations, and cinema is one of the tools through which, through surprising scripts, they suggest what the coming years will be like.


Check out some of the films and documentary about innovation and the future indicated by the speakers at the event:

Anon: In a future world where there is no crime because of an extreme surveillance system, a detective (Clive Owen) ends up meeting a woman (Amanda Seyfried) who discovers a flaw in the non-privacy regime that threatens the entire fabric of society. Directed by: Andrew Niccol. Year 2018.

AI – Artificial Intelligence: The first robot boy programmed to love, David (Haley Joel Osment), is adopted by a Cybertronics employee and his wife. Although he gradually becomes the couple’s son, a series of unexpected circumstances make David’s life difficult. Without the full acceptance of humans or machines, the robot boy embarks on a journey to discover his true world. Directed by: Steven Spielberg. Year 2001.

Player #1: Set in a dystopian future in 2044, Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan), like the rest of humanity, prefers the virtual reality of the OASIS game to the real world. When the game’s creator, eccentric James Halliday (Mark Rylance) dies, players must uncover the key to a diabolical puzzle to conquer his priceless fortune. To win, however, Watts will have to abandon virtual existence and give in to a life of love and reality he’s always tried to escape. Directed by: Steven Spielberg. Year 2018.

Lo and Behold: Documentary that makes a detailed and thorough analysis of the impacts exerted by the internet on contemporary society – which spends much of its time connected in the virtual world because of the needs and demands of modern life – as well as an in-depth, philosophical and provocative exploration of the limits and boundaries of the internet. Directed by: Werner Herzog. Year 2016.

Minority Report: In the year 2054, there is a system that allows crimes to be accurately predicted, which causes the murder rate to drop to zero. Trouble begins when Detective John Anderton (Tom Cruise), a leading crime-fighting agent, discovers that a murder he himself will commit has been predicted, putting his reputation or the reliability of the system in doubt. Directed by: Steven Spielberg. Year 2002.

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