Discord’s new bot lets you watch movies together from Netflix. Learn how to use.

Discord is one of the most used options for communication between people on the internet, especially for those who play, and that’s why they are gaining more and more news. This time the show, in partnership with Netflix, launched a new bot that allows users to watch shows on the platform together.

The interaction allows the bot on Discord to create a kind of room with Netflix content where 2 or more users can come together to watch at the same time while chatting, as if they were in the same environment.

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Bot to watch together on Discord

The bot was launched as “Hey, Netflix” and is quite similar to other options for watching content from the online streaming platform, such as Netflix Party for browsers.

Thus, it is possible to open a chat room on Discord so that users can interact while watching the streaming content in real time. And the company promises a fluid experience, with greater stability.

An interesting detail of this novelty is that it will allow users who are in other countries to enter the room and see content from Netflix that is not available in their country, which is very interesting.

When activating the bot, it will ask you some questions like if you are going to watch it alone or if you are going to watch it with friends, and also if you want to watch movies or series. That’s because there’s no way you can choose exactly what to watch, but among the options that the bot gives you based on your answers. Other users also need to choose where they are and confirm they are ready.

And for those who want to avoid spoilers, it is still possible to create a separate conversation so that details can be discussed more freely for those who want. It is also possible to write something after the command “/spoiler”, which is hidden by a black band and only those who click on it will be able to read it.

Adding the bot and enabling Hey, Netflix


First, you need to add the bot to a server for it to work. For this, the server administrator will need to click on the little arrow next to the server name and choose the option “Config. From the server”.

After that, just go to App Directory, choose “Hey, Netflix” and click on “Add to server”. It is worth remembering that the App Directory started to be made available this month and it may not be available to everyone yet.

After adding the bot, just go to the server and place the command “/heynetflix”. From there, all you have to do is answer the questions he asks, choosing between movie or series tips. It is also necessary to choose the country of each participant and so he will show you 4 suggestions of what to watch. If you don’t like the options, you can ask for new ones in “Refine options”.

When choosing an option, the bot itself will open a link for the content to be opened on Netflix and also a separate channel for people to chat and comment on the show.

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