Discover some new features of iOS 16 that you need to know

Many users are still looking for everything that Apple’s new operating system is capable of offering. That’s why we’ve separated some interesting functions that can please a lot of people within iOS 16.

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New things worth knowing about iOS 16

Check out which are the featured tools that were not so publicized, but worth knowing within iOS 16.

1 – Skip CAPTCHAs in iOS 16

Users will be able to skip the security validation known as CAPTCHA within the new iOS 16. This does not mean that this verification will no longer exist, in fact it can be done automatically. Just enable the “Automatic Scan” option within the settings of the iPhonefor example.

2 – Automatic text translator

Another very interesting novelty of Apple’s new operating system is the automatic text translator. It is an extension of Live Text and can be used to translate many things, even road signs, menus and signs.

3 – Take and edit the prints without saving

People who have a iPhone with iOS 16 they will be able to use the new feature to print, copy and edit the image without having to save it in the cell phone gallery. Even the print can be sent directly by message on WhatsApp and other applications.

4 – iOS 16 may have temperature alerts

The new iOS 16 allows iPhone users to put temperature alerts in the weather app. Just access the notifications area inside the app to make the settings you want.

5 – Lock notes with password

Finally, it is worth highlighting the password function to protect the information that is stored inside the notes. Just access the function and enter “Notes” and then tap on the option “Use Device Code”. So you can use the device’s own password to protect the note information.

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