Dorival guarantees Fla better physically now than against Corinthians

Alongside captain Everton Ribeiro, Flamengo coach Dorival Júnior gave the official press conference of the Copa Libertadores final at the Monumental stadium, in Guayaquil (EQU), stage of this Saturday’s decision (29) against Athletico-PR. The coach was asked about the clinical situation of the players, since some had been having problems lately, but he assured that the team arrives physically better than in the title game of the Copa do Brasil, against Corinthians.

“Ten days ago we really had a lot of difficulties, with four clinically compromised. We had difficulties on the field against Corinthians. Since then, only Vidal’s situation was a little more delicate. All the others are in better condition than at that moment. I hope we have individually equated each situation,” he said.

The four players mentioned by Dorival were Arrascaeta, Pedro, Thiago Maia and Vidal. Arrascaeta has been living with pubalgia for months. Pedro had stomach problems in the decision and Thiago Maia had an inflammation in his left knee. Vidal, on the other hand, suffered an injury to his right ankle and had to undergo drainage.

The case of the Chilean, in fact, is what inspires greater care. In the two training sessions held at the George Capwell stadium, in Guayaquil, he participated in the activity with a protection in place, but despite not being 100% physically, he will be included for the final.

Dorival considers the most important game of his career

Also during the press conference, Dorival Júnior admitted that, in terms of representation, this Saturday’s final is the most important of his career. The coach, however, stressed that the team is well prepared.

“Natural anxiety about the importance of a decision like that. It’s a fact about it being an important game in my career. At other times I got close to a decision and suddenly I couldn’t finish it. I feel like it’s a different moment. I will try to do the best possible for the club. I feel the Flamengo team is well prepared and aware”, he declared.

Asked about the possibility of renewing his contract for the next season, Dorival assured that he has not yet thought about it.

“I didn’t even think or imagine. I came focused so that I could donate as much as possible in these seven months of contract. I’m very sincere, at no time did I think of something different that would finish our preparation. There were two very difficult sequences: Copa do Brasil and Libertadores, and everything that has been developed makes us believe that we could achieve every moment. For me it would be very important, but it will be resolved after the match”, he said, adding:

“I never rushed anything. Everything in my career was done in a very natural way. If the management doesn’t want to continue the work, I’m already very happy for the moment I’m living here, I’m enjoying it. Honestly, I can’t think of anything else that tomorrow at 3 pm [horário de Guayaquil]”.

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