Fulham studies hiring Pablo Maia, Nestor and Igor Gomes for 2023

It is almost confirmed that we will have a player or players from São Paulo in the Premiere League in 2023. The new information we have obtained is of a new interest by Fulham in one or more athletes from Cotia. They are: Pablo Maia, Rodrigo Nestor and Igor Gomes.

Turkish journalist Ekrem Konur announced this Friday the English club’s interest in the trio on his Twitter account. Currently, Fulham has Brazilians in its squad. These are the cases of Willian, ex-Corinthians and Andréas, who played for Flamengo.

The English team will hardly leave the January transfer window without a midfielder from Cotia. Much is given to the success of the transfers of Antony, Marquinhos and Sara to England in the middle of the year.

The fan has been aware since the middle of the year that São Paulo would have to get rid of some pieces. At the time, President Julio Casares highlighted the situation.

“The clubs still depend on the sale of athletes. And I have no doubt that, in the middle of the year, if there is a proposal, São Paulo will have to sell. This is clear, and Rogério [Ceni] know that,” said the leader. Tricolor’s 2022 budget foresees revenue of R$142 million from the sale of players.

January will be no different. Luizão is almost certain that he won’t stay and Pablo is in doubt. To take Igor Gomes (down) will not require much effort, as his manager does not have a good relationship with the fans and has already announced his desire to take the athlete to Europe. Nestor is new to this package.

We can expect a choppy window in 2023, starting in January 11th to April 4th.

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