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The future project remains standing even with the various revamps of Warner Bros. Discovery

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Remaining as one of the future productions of the universe of DC Comicsdespite the various changes established by the Warner Bros. discoveryin an interview, Gal Gadot guarantees “amazing” story for wonder woman 3.

With her script in recent stages of completion, more details about the plot of the new feature film of the mighty Amazon of the Universe remain completely under wraps, although it is very likely that the new plot is set in the present day, unlike her other two previous films. , which explored more of the heroine’s past.

Standing firm about remaining silent on further details of wonder woman 3in an interview with the Extra TVthe actress Gal Gadot got fans excited about what there is to say about the future film. “I can say the story is amazing and just wait, it will be worth the wait.”said the interpreter of Diana Prince.

What do we know so far about Wonder Woman 3?

Integrating the important wave of productions for the DC Studiosthe heroine’s third film is again being scripted and directed by Patty Jenkinsand in addition to Gal Gadot taking the lead role once again, it is already confirmed that Lynda Carter is also a member of the cast, in addition to speculated appearances in the production.

About that, wonder woman 3 should start recording in 2023, and until then, it remains without an exact forecast for its theatrical release.

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