Google and Android launch password management tool

A new era in digital security comes with the announcement of the password management tool that is the result of a partnership between Google and Android. This is the Password Manager. Its main function is to synchronize passwords on Android devices and Google accounts. The mechanism is also intended to increase virtual security. See more details about the novelty.

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Password integration between Google and Android

In a post on the official blog, Google announced that the result of the partnership with Android is now available for accounts. It is named Password Manager tool. In summary, the main use of this feature is the synchronization between the passwords that are registered on the devices, as well as the accounts.

In this way, users will be able to establish a secure connection between Google’s functions and their cell phones and tablets. Practical, right? It is a way of optimizing the time of those who use both, making the use of the platforms even simpler. The best thing is that everything will be done very safely.

Protection for passwords

In addition to synchronization, the tool will also be able to make password configuration much more effective and secure. This is because the mechanism will exclude the predictable and easy to code through careful analysis. In addition, there will also be the use of cryptographic techniques that incorporate the benefits of biometrics to make everything even more secure, as well as features that we already know, such as facial recognition.

In the announcement, Google also warns about the need to protect our accounts by creating more complex and secure passwords. For example, the habit of repeating them on all social networks, as well as using predictable number combinations are some of the reasons why there is so much data intrusion and theft.

In this way, the purpose of the technology giant is precisely to offer more security to users through the use of artificial intelligence. The announcement also emphasizes that we should expect more news like this in the coming months.

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