Halloween: Remember the most famous villains from Disney animations

what would become of Cinderella, snow White, ariel, Hercules, simba and so many other characters without their villains? THE disney marked generations for the quality of its animations, for the soundtrack and also for the famous battle of good against evil. With a good amount of characters of dubious character, remember the Disney’s Most Famous Villains.

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Evil queen

Disney’s first villain appeared in the classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937), the Evil Queen was famous for the phrase: “Speak Magic Mirror My Mirror… Who is more beautiful than me?”. The Evil Queen with envy and jealousy of Snow White, her stepdaughter, orders the hunter to kill her.

Realizing that the hunter failed in the mission and that Snow White was safe with the dwarfs, the Evil Queen transforms into an old woman and poisons an apple to deliver to the little princess.

The classic of disney is known as the greatest animation of all time, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs the category of Best Soundtrack at the Oscar from 1938. The live action of the animation is scheduled to premiere in 2024. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs will have Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) in the role of the Evil Queen and Rachel Zegler (Love sublime love) as Snow White.

Check out a scene from the animation and see Gal Gadot as the Evil Queen:

Gal Gadot as Evil Queen.  (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

Gal Gadot as Evil Queen. (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

lady Tremaine

Cinderella’s stepmother made the young woman’s life hell and made her work as a maid, Lady Tremaine only thought about her daughters, the stepmother prevented Cinderella from going to the ball and when she found out that the young woman had won the prince’s heart she locked her up.

Cinderella (1950) saved the disney after bankruptcy, the animation was well-received by the public, earning $263.6 million. The animation was nominated in two categories in the Oscar from 1951: Best Soundtrack and best song per Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo.

the version live action of the animation was released in 2015, Cate Blanchett and lily james played Lady Tremaine and Cinderella, respectively.

Check out scenes from the animation and live-action:


In Sleeping Beauty (1959) we are introduced to Maleficent, a witch who curses the newborn princess Aurora for not being invited to her performance. Maleficent’s curse says that Aurora will prick her finger at 16 and die, the good fairies, however, manage to find a solution that the princess will wake up to when she receives a kiss from true love.

maleficent (2014) is a reinterpretation of the 1959 animation, in the live action we realize that Maleficent is not the true villain of the story. Angelina Jolie played Maleficent and Aurora was played by Elle Fanning.

Check out Maleficent’s curse scenes:

Captain Hook

the villain of Peter Pan (1954) is Captain Hook, the villain wants revenge on Peter Pan because he blames him for losing his hand. O live action gives disney is slated to hit theaters in 2023, Jude Law will play the iconic villain and Alexander Molony will be Peter Pan.

See the first image of Jude Law as Hook and a scene from the animation:

Jude Law as Captain Hook.  (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

Jude Law as Captain Hook. (Photo: Playback/Instagram)


The arrogant and narcissistic villain of Beauty and the Beast (1991) is Gaston, the young man is in love with Bela and does not accept the young woman’s refusal. He will do whatever it takes to marry the girl. Beauty and the Beast was nominated for four categories in the Oscar from 1992: Best movie, Best Sound Mixing, best song per Belle and best song per Be Our Guest.

The animation won the Oscar 1992 into two categories: Best Soundtrack and best song per beauty and the beast. O live action of the classic was released in 2017 with Luke Evans like Gaston and Emma Watson like Bela.

Check out Gaston’s scenes in animation and live-action:


The Little Mermaid (1989) was the revival of Disney’s Golden Age, the animation follows Ariel, a little mermaid who falls in love with a human. Without her father’s support, the little mermaid makes a deal with the sea witch, Ursula, who takes advantage of Ariel to steal the Kingdom.

The Little Mermaid the category of best original song per Kiss The Girl and won the categories of Best Soundtrack and best original song per Under The Sea at the Oscar from 1990.

O live action will have Melissa McCarthy like Ursula and Halle Bailey like Ariel, The Little Mermaid debuts in May 2023.

Check out Ursula’s song:


Mufasa’s jealous brother is the villain of The Lion King (1994), Scar arranges the death of King Mufasa and makes his nephew Simba think he is to blame for his father’s death. The animation won the Oscar 1995 in the categories of Best Soundtrack and best original song per Can You Feel The Love Tonight.

Scar was voiced by Chiwetel Ejiofor at the live action released in 2019.

Check out the scene of Chiwetel Ejiofor as Scar:


The god of the underworld is the villain of Hercules (1997), Hades wants to dominate Mount Olympus and Zeus’ son Hercules is an obstacle to his plans. The animation featured a sarcastic and charismatic villain.

Check out a scene from Hades in Hercules:

Cruella de Vil

The villain who loves fur coats is the villain of 101 Dalmatians (1961), the designer is fascinated by the fur of Dalmatians and will do her best to have her dream coat. The iconic villain was played by Glenn Close at the live action from 1996 and for Emma Stone at the live action Cruella of 2021.

Check out Cruella’s versions:

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