How should I use the cell phone charger? Can I use it while charging?

At some point in your life, you must have heard myths and truths about cell phone chargers; how addicted they are and about battery health. After all, is using your cell phone while charging and taking it out before 100% harmful?

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With constant use and the need to always keep the cell phone close by, it is to be expected that the charger will always be on the consumer’s side to be able to continue doing its tasks. This ungluedness makes many people think things about loading that could be right or wrong.

Is using your cell phone while charging harmful?

Initially, it is not to bring any harm to the health of the cell. Using the cell phone while charging is not addictive, especially if your cable is the brand’s original, the one that comes with the cell phone at the time of purchase.

Other issues, such as feeling that he is hot while playing games or watching a moviecan cause it to take longer to fully charge or be at an optimal percentage.

So, if your goal is just to reply to a message or put it aside to use it when you hear a notification, the expectation is that it won’t take long to fully load. What can get in the way of loading is having a long conversation where the two people are sending multiple messages or watching videos.

Current chargers are designed not to addict the battery, when it takes a little longer to fully charge, it is the result of a gradual loss of its recharging capacity.

What is the ideal percentage to remove the cell phone?

The ideal is to remove when you reach 100% or a little earlier. When it is close to or a little above 80%, it is already an interesting percentage to withdraw from. Another detail to be aware of is leaving the cell phone in the socket for a long time after being fully charged, it can be harmful due to the heating of the device.

Withdrawing before 100% is not harmful to your device. And if not, put your phone to charge before reaching 20%.

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