I’m Catholic, I go to mass and I already wanted to be a nun

The actress also declared that she suffers mockery because of her faith

Nicole Kidman, one of Hollywood’s most popular actresses, has openly declared that she is Catholic, goes to mass, goes to confession and has even thought about becoming a nun.

The statements are not recent: they were made to the magazine vanity fair in 2019, but they were shared again on social networks and Brazilian Catholic websites over the last few weeks, in a kind of “wave” of sharing celebrity testimonies that was driven by impactful statements by Cássia Kis and Juliano Cazarré about the challenges of living. the Catholic faith in the artistic milieu.

Cassia Kis and Elba Ramalho
Juliano Cazarré and wife welcome their daughter Maria Guilhermina

On the occasion of the interview, which was also reflected in the magazine peopleNicole Kidman stated that she attends Mass as a family with her husband, Keith Urban, and the couple’s two daughters, Sunday Rose, then 10 years old, and Faith Margaret, who was 8. In addition to them, the actress is also the mother of Connor , 24, and Isabella, 26, with ex-husband Tom Cruise.

“This is how we are raising our daughters. Keith has his own beliefs, but he comes too. I had a very Catholic grandmother and was raised praying; It had a huge impact.”

Nicole Kidman commented that the practice of faith has already brought her, on several occasions, some mockery:

“A lot of my friends make fun of me.”

On the other hand, she admitted that she also deals with the challenge of personal doubts and that she tries not to judge those who have other worldviews:

“I wouldn’t say it’s absolutism. There is constant questioning. I am a willful woman. For me it is very important not to judge. My father always said: ‘Tolerance is the most important’”.

the matter of people recalls that, in 2018, the actress had told in another interview, this time to Allurewho had already thought about becoming a nun.

“I loved the idea of ​​becoming a nun. Obviously I ended up not choosing to go down that path, but I was very drawn to it.”

Juliano and Leticia Cazarre

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