Kaley Cuoco says passengers should tip flight attendants

Kaley Cuoco, better known as Penny from “The Big Bang Theory” and currently one of the leads on HBO Max’s “The Flight Attendant”, has sparked a debate over inflight etiquette after commenting that she believes flight attendants should be tipped. for your service.

On Tuesday (18), the actress was crossing Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) when she was approached by a photojournalist from the TMZ website, who asked her if she sees air professionals differently now that she understands their routine better thanks to the new series. .

Kaley responded that she “sure” gives them a little more of her love and opined, “They deserve tips! Tip your flight attendants.”

The claim, however, has divided travelers on social media for different reasons. Some Twitter users agreed that flight attendants deserve to be rewarded for their work “because they’re basically waitresses in the air”—a highly controversial position given that flight attendants are qualified, including training, as flight safety personnel.

Others, such as the user identified as Neutralan, also expressed financial views on the issue. “When we least expect it, the elites will be the only ones who can fly and will they be telling us that we need to tip our flight attendants?”

“We pay the big airlines enough. A trip with my young son cost $5,000 so no,” wrote user Leif Sloane. Likewise, there were those who considered that airlines are responsible for rewarding crew members, not passengers.

Finally, a man who introduces himself as Justin B went more radical and called for an end to tips in all professions, claiming that “organizations should pay their employees better”. According to a poll carried out by the Canadian program Breakfast Television on Twitter, 89.6% of the 1,142 people who were heard disagreed with Kaley.

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Tipping — more often than not to waiters and baristas — is a cultural issue that varies by country. While tipping is not common in some, in others, as is the case in the US, it is considered practically mandatory.

According to the American magazine Southern Living, which specializes in etiquette, lifestyle and decoration tips, despite tipping flight attendants is not customary in much of the world, some companies allow their crew to receive the gift from more generous travelers.

“On Southwest Airlines, if a passenger insists on tipping the flight attendant, the crew member can accept it. A flight attendant on a flight from Vegas was tipped $600 [R$ 3.170] However, the report notes that “because flight attendants receive a full salary, unlike restaurant workers”, tips are not expected, no matter which airline or section of aircraft the traveler be.

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