Lie Influencer | Review: Film with Zoey Deutch takes a satirical look at the crazy online world

“This movie has an unlikable female lead.” It is with these words shown on screen at the beginning of Lie Influencer (Not Okay2022) which is clear as Quinn Shephard will introduce us to this story for these next 1 hour and 40 minutes that follow.

With a satire tone, a more charged mood for the nonsense and that serves to illustrate and amplify situations, the director tells here a story of lies, photoshops and articles that go viral to convey a very clear message and that should be printed to anyone before accessing the internet: stop making stupid people famous.

And it takes a while to figure out which one is from Lie influencer.

Dylan O’Brien and Zoey Deutch in Lie’s Influencer Scene
Photo: © 2021 20th Century Studios

At first, the film sounds like a silly Netflix comedy…. a film about an awkward young woman who works at a magazine in the imaging industry and who wants to be a writer. Danni (an incredibly good one Zoey Deutch) is practically invisible in the magazine, like an Andy from The devil Wears Prada (which was even released by a producer related to Searchlight at the time when everything was FOX) before the transformation, it is hated by the boss (who by far doesn’t have the charisma of Meryl Streep’s Miranda, after all, Meryl is Meryl), by her co-workers work (here the models are exchanged for cool people, from minorities, half hipsters), and mainly for the little boy with a hint of bad boy who works there and that our protagonist has a violent crush.

And Danni’s life goes by and she sits by the window until one day, Colin (Dylan O’Brien) arrives with his electronic cigarette and his platinum hair, and he and the young woman have another unusual interaction of those typical of a romantic comedy. But what’s up, Lie influencer It’s not a romantic comedy and that’s only going to be clear when the movie goes on to introduce its characters and its plot.

And in her eagerness to impress the young influencer, Danni has a brilliant idea: what if she pretends to go to Paris to attend a writers’ retreat and pump her Instagram feed with fake photos? A few shots here and there, and poof, Dannie sets up some sets, and with her editing skills, she separates some photos and does the time zone calculations for her posts and all from the comfort of her own home. What the young woman did not expect was that the city of Light would be flooded by several terrorist attacks on the same day that her “fake” trip would take place. Which makes her entire network of hair contacts stand on end. including the crush of work that finally pays attention to her. wins? Was the lie worth it?

Confusion is brewing as Danni sees the opportunity to gain everyone’s attention, be it her parents, co-workers and everything in between. But keeping up this lie will also leave the young woman sweating enough to keep it all up. And this is the commercial, salable part of Lie influencer for the general public. The really interesting part is in the after lie of Lie influencer.

That’s when our protagonist goes after a support group for people who have had real accidents and uses the place to share their plots and fears. This is where you expect the text of Quinn Shephard skid, but Lie influencer holds on and guarantees to show you the other side the film has: its critique of the crazy online world.

As Danni discovers that her support group colleague Rowan (Mia Isaac) is a great Influencer, and who talks about his experiences in having survived an attack at his school to thousands of followers, is that the feature takes on another tone. Of course, the text Lie influencer he never delves too deeply into some questions, some doubts we have, and he seems to just brush up on all this criticism he wants to make, but he doesn’t fail to raise these points. Even if very superficially. It’s like we’re in a twitter thread version of the topic rather than a big explanatory text, but you can make some interesting points as Danni starts to “steal” details of Rowan’s backstory and experiences and capitalize on that. them with a text in the magazine she works for, interviews for TV shows, and gaining thousands of followers.

Kirk White, Zoey Deutch, and Mia Isaac in Lie’s Influencer Scene
Photo: © 2021 20th Century Studios

In criticizing this world, Lie influencer leaves the feature with a tone a little more playful than it should to deal with this topic. Of course, you have to see between the lines, and maybe get to know a little bit about this world to know where the director/screenwriter wanted to go with this crazy story. In the end, Lie influencer assumes, without fear of wanting to be happy, that Danni is an imperfect character and that we won’t have a redemption arc for her. She did what she did and she won’t learn a lesson about it, or maybe she will, outside of the cut that the film proposes to show and that ends up sounding a little sloppy on the part of the production team, as if a piece of the film was missing. . Danni Sanders is cancelled, but so what? No stories crying, apologizing, or feed with a black message, and “um, will I disable it for a few days?”….

The twists, the cancellation, the discoveries sound too rushed to tell this story, but as we say, half of this story is not told, we just see Danni wreak in her online world as well as in real life. At the end, Lie influencer even tells a good story, Dutch really serves as a good vehicle for that story, but some arcs are developed super fast and don’t have that screen time to mature a bit. Maybe it’s the speed with which the director wanted to tell this story and the way things have escalated online lately.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Lie influencer available on Star

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