Microsoft tests new Xbox UI that highlights Game Pass features

The new look of the system used by the console should give more space to the subscription service catalog

More than any other company in the games market, Microsoft has the habit of carrying out experiments and changes in the user interface of his console console. In the last month, she has been testing one of these changes among the Insider system members, bringing Game Pass to the forefront of the Xbox line interface.

Among the adjustments that were made by the company is a new icon system, which now features six titles in its top row. The suggestions shown based on each player’s most recent activitydisplacing the Microsoft Store and console settings.

Furthermore, Microsoft reduced the number of frames dedicated to showing advertisements from three to two for your consumers. At the same time, when scrolling down, players will come across a generous amount of offers and recommendations based on Game Pass.

Microsoft Store is also highlighted

According to The Verge’s Tom Warren, navigating beyond the front rows of Xbox’s new interface it’s like stepping into a big commercial. In addition to showing recent additions to the Game Pass catalogue, the system also features several rows of special offers from the Microsoft Store that are currently available.

The problem, Warren points out, is that users lost the ability to configure interface details. “This new Xbox Home UI is still in early testing, so I assume it will return, but at the moment, it feels like a giant ad and without that kind of customization.”, he explains.

The focus in Game Pass is justified given the popularity of the service, and the fact that Microsoft sees it as one of the main differentiators of its platform. However, filling the console interface with system-based offerings can alienate non-subscribers, for whatever reason. The company is expected to continue to make adjustments to the presentation of its systembefore making the new version available to a wider audience in early 2023.

“Sony hurts customers by not allowing Game Pass on PlayStation,” says Microsoft
The company claims that Sony is more concerned with its profits than the consumer market.


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