New iPhone 15 has leaked detail on the internet and SHOCKS

The iPhone 14 barely arrived in Brazil and there are already news about leaks that deal with version 15 of Apple’s smartphone. The information was leaked by LeaksApplePro and claims a novelty in the 15 Ultra model. It should feature a titanium chassis, unlike traditional stainless steel.

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Faced with the new information, still in rumor, it is necessary to explain that titanium is a stronger and lighter material than stainless steel. However, on the other hand, it is significantly more expensive than the other. Therefore, if the data is confirmed, it is possible to expect surprising prices for the new iPhone 15.

New iPhone 15 may have titanium in its composition

Looking at the good news first, titanium’s strength-to-weight ratio is on another level compared to stainless steel, providing nearly the same strength at 40% of its weight. That’s why titanium is c

In addition, titanium is 3 to 4 times stronger than stainless steel of the same weight. That would give Apple options on its iPhone. One would be to reduce the weight of the iPhone 15 Ultra without losing strength or maintain the same weight and launch the strongest smartphone in the world or – more likely – find a balance between the two.

Why isn’t titanium used in cell phones?

The benefits make titanium seem obvious not just for the iPhone, but for any other cell phone. However, the reason it is not common in smartphones is the cost. Titanium costs as much as $50 per kilogram, compared to as much as $1.50 per kilogram for stainless steel. That’s why it’s so shocking to imagine that the new iPhone can sport the stuff.

Fact is that the information still needs to be confirmed by the manufacturer. So far it is only possible to speculate and imagine what the value of a iPhone with this type of material in its composition.

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