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Julia Fiona Roberts, or just Julia Roberts, celebrates this Friday (28) another lap around the sun. The American actress and producer turns 55 with a career full of successes. Born on October 28, 1967 in Smyrna, Georgia, in the United States, Julia has in her curriculum the Oscar for Best Actress for her role in the feature “Erin Brockovich”, in addition to having starred in the movie classic “Pretty Woman”, for which she became known in Hollywood and has since become a darling of romantic comedies.

Owner of a unique and timeless style, the looks chosen by the actress for the red carpets throughout her career transcend decades. From Annie Hall-inspired suits to sleek, sophisticated dresses, Julia and her longtime stylist Elizabeth Stewart are masters of minimalism and a kind of chic utilitarianism. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like a little glitz and glam every now and then.

Go through the list below and remember the 12 best looks by Julia Roberts for the red carpet.

1. Golden Globe, in 1990

The actress dared and wore nothing more, nothing less, than a Giorgio Armani suit to receive the award for Best Supporting Actress.

Julia Roberts, Golden Globes, 1990 — Photo: Getty Images

2. People’s Choice Awards, 2000

Julia Roberts, People’s Choice Awards, 2000 — Photo: Getty Images

Julia Roberts received the Oscar wearing a 1982 Valentino.

Julia Roberts, Oscar, 2001 — Photo: Getty Images

The star returned to use Giorgio Armani in 2004, however, in the form of a dress.

Julia Roberts, Oscars 2004 — Photo: Getty Images

Julia Roberts, Golden Globe Awards, 2010 — Photo: Getty Images

Roberts appeared at the awards show in a couture gown by designer Elie Saab.

Julia Roberts, Emmy Awards, 2014 — Photo: Getty Images

Without leaving anything to be desired, the actress bet on a little black dress from Givenchy.

Julia Roberts, Oscar, 2014 — Photo: Getty Images

8. Cannes Film Festival, 2016

Julia Roberts made headlines in 2016 when she chose an Armane Privé dress, a Chopard necklace with a 52.76-carat emerald stone and went barefoot on the Cannes red carpet.

Julia Roberts, Cannes Film Festival, 2016 — Photo: Getty Images

9. The Fashion Awards, 2019

The muse chose, again, a Giorgio Armani look.

Julia Roberts, The Fashion Awards, 2019 — Photo: Getty Images

The actress surprised everyone by appearing in pants at the award show. The look, which took a tail, was signed by Stella McCartney.

Julia Roberts, Golden Globes, 2019 — Photo: Getty Images

11. Gala Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, 2022

This year’s Roberts fashionista look was signed by none other than stylist Elizabeth Stewart.

Julia Roberts, Gala Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, 2022 — Photo: Getty Images

12. Cannes Film Festival, 2022

For this year’s Cannes Film Festival, Pretty Woman chose a black tuxedo by Louis Vuitton and wore an iconic yellow diamond necklace by Chopard jewelry.

Julia Roberts, Cannes Film Festival, 2022 — Photo: Getty Images

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