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Claudia Di Moura extols the representation and challenge of playing businesswoman Martha, from “Cara e Coragem”


October 29, 2022 at 10:25 am

It can be said that Claudia Di Moura’s debut in soap operas came a little late. After all, the Bahian was already 53 years old and had a career spanning 22 years when she was discovered by the cast production of “Segundo Sol”, shown in 2018 by Globo, in which she played the cook Zefa. Now, she takes a new step in her television trajectory: she brings rich Martha to life in “Face and Courage”. A role that fills her with pride, especially for being able to try another type of role in the serials. “Martha Gusmão is a powerful woman, heir to a large steel mill, who finds herself at the center of a power game greater than her, after the death of her daughter, Clarice”, he celebrates, citing the character of Taís Araújo in the 7pm plot. from Globe.

Born in Salvador, Claudia began her career in 1986. Since then, she has established herself on the stages of Bahia. Today, with the national repercussion she gained with the opportunities in the two soap operas, she is proud of the possibility of serving as a reference for black viewers of “Cara e Coragem”. So much so that he has no doubts when it comes to mentioning what most caught his attention when he received the invitation to participate in the feuilleton.

“The contrast, in terms of social standing and lifestyle, with my previous characters on the network. This change, in addition to issues of representativeness and ‘black excellence’ – meant an interesting challenge for me and a chance to develop relationships and emotions from new perspectives”, explains Claudia, who also participated in the fourth season of the series. “Under Pressure”, aired by Globo and available to Globoplay subscribers.

How was your construction work for Martha? Where did you look for information and references?

My references of softness and firmness were brought by black women in a similar position of power and inspiration. They came from Glória Maria, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Viola Davis and Taís Araújo.

How important is preparation for a character before starting a job?

The work already begins in the research and is not limited to what is captured on set. However, it is at the time of “Action”, as a team, with the script in mind, in the exchange with the cast, that every study shows its true service. It is not possible to crystallize a preconceived image of a character, as it is not the work of a single person. Quite the opposite. And it won’t sustain itself if it doesn’t feed on the dynamics established with crew and cast.

In “Cara e Coragem”, you play a black woman who owns a large empire. For you, are there perceptible changes in teledramaturgy in search of representation? Or are they still very subtle?

There is a social clamor for representation of all sectors made invisible. Teledramaturgy, due to its reach and popularity, is an important space for these demands to be fulfilled. But each achievement is accompanied by a new challenge. It has been so over the years, and will continue to be so. We blacks, for example, will not go back on our demands. Not just for quantity, but for quality in our representations. And for this to really continue to evolve, we want to see ourselves in front of and behind the screens. Not only serving the different stories they want to tell, but mainly telling our own stories.

Representativeness was also an important issue in “Pega-Pega”, which also featured Claudia Souto’s signature. Did you already know the author’s work? Did you follow the other novel?

I know that there were black characters in different social strata, in addition to drag queens and the inclusion of gender neutral in the script. This demonstrates a care by the author, who understands that stories become more interesting when you humanize them and make them a reflection of your time and the world around you. For an author or author, representation is not a gesture of altruism, but of creative intelligence.

Despite a long and solid career in theater and cinema, it was during “Segundo Sol” that you gained national repercussion. What was it like to deal with?

Zefa was the target of a lot of affection, both from the public and the team. I myself have always declared how much I loved and defended the character. Receiving all this affection on my arrival at Globo, both from the spectator and from my colleagues at the house, was extremely gratifying. Making soap operas has been a learning experience that goes far beyond scene preparation, recording sets, script studies. More than a professional ambition, it has been an enriching experience, full of challenges and responsibilities, which came to me at the right time.

“Cara e Coragem” – Globo – Monday to Saturday, at 7pm. Reruns from Tuesday to Sunday at 2 am.

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