Palmeiras is champion of the women’s Libertadores 2023

Palmeiras is champion of the women’s Libertadores. The title in the women’s competition is unprecedented and was won tonight (28), in Quito (Ecuador), with a 4-1 victory over Boca Juniors in the final. Screams of olé already in stoppage time praised the good performance of the Brazilian team.

Ary Borges, Byanca Brasil, Poliana and Bia Zaneratto scored the goals for Palestrinas, who took advantage of the aerial ball and secured the trophy for Brazil — the country now has 11 victories in 14 editions of the tournament. Brisa Priori scored for the Argentines, still in the first half.

With the triumph, Palmeiras ends its first participation in the women’s Libertadores with a perfect campaign.

There were six wins in six games, already counting the decision of this Friday. Boca, which is runner-up, continues without this trophy in the gallery.

In the first phase, Palmeiras beat Libertad Limpeño-PAR (3-0), Ind. Mantles-ECU (7-0) and Universidad de Chile-CHI (2-1).

In the quarterfinals, the victim was Santiago Morning-CHI (2-1). In the semifinal, Palestrinas dispatched América de Cali-COL, with a 1-0 victory.

Who did well: Ary Borges

Ary Borges scored for Palmeiras in the Women's Libertadores final against Boca Juniors - Galo Paguay / AFP - Galo Paguay / AFP

Ary Borges opened the scoring for Palmeiras against Boca Juniors

Image: Rooster Paguay / AFP

The goal at the beginning of the match seems to have given the necessary confidence for Ary Borges to become the owner of the midfield in the decision.

The palmeirense player created plays, disarmed and set the pace for the Brazilian team, which explored counterattacks well.

Not even the yellow card, which left the athlete hanging, inhibited a consistent performance.

Palmeiras starts on both times

Palestrinas started on top of Boca in both halves. In the beginning of the game, Ary Borges took advantage of a failure of the defense and put Verdão in advantage. Then, the Argentines entered the game and dominated the initial stage, with the 1 to 1 being good for the Brazilian club.

The Palmeiras strategy also paid off in the second half. Alviverde started on top, regained the advantage and left Boca in an uncomfortable situation.

Mouth puts pressure and gives work

One of the hallmarks of the Boca team is mental strength. Thus, the team assured itself in the decision and gave Palestrinas a lot of work. Not bothering with the goals at the beginning of each half, the Argentines scored pressure, explored plays in speed and put the goalkeeper Jully to work.

Palmeiras is guaranteed in the aerial ball

With four minutes into the game, Palmeiras hit the net after a dead ball. Free kick to the area, the defense took it away badly and Ary Borges was opportunistic. Aware that this would be an interesting weapon against the Argentines, the Palestrinas bet on aerial balls and were successful. With a header, Verdão resumed and extended the lead (goals by Byanca Brasil and Poliana).


The referee had a smooth performance and did not interfere in the result of the Libertadores final. The teams, it is true, contributed with a fair game and few hard fouls. In the goal of Brisa Priori, from Boca, in the first half, VAR saved the assistant who had wrongly pointed out the attacker’s irregular position.

What decided the match

Poliana’s goal, 12 minutes into the second half, was essential for Palmeiras in the match. The team coached by Ricardo Belli opened up a two-goal lead on the scoreboard, left the opponents in a difficult situation and started to control the decision, mainly in the mental game.



Competition: Women’s Libertadores Cup
Place: Casa Blanca Stadium in Quito (Ecuador)
Date and time: October 28, 2022, at 19:00 (Brasília time)
Yellow cards: Yamila Rodríguez and Jorge Martínez (Boca Juniors); Duda Santos, Camilinha, Ary Borges and Bia Zaneratto (Palmeiras)
goals: Ary Borges, at 4′ 1st, Brisa Priori, at 14′ 1st, Byanca Brasil, at 3′ 2nd, Poliana, at 12′ 2nd, and Bia Zaneratto, at 44′ 2nd

BOCA JUNIORS: Laurina Oliveros; Julieta Cruz (Espíndola), Adriana Sachs, Mayorga, Celeste dos Santos; Preininger, Clarisa Huber (Melanie Concha), Gómez Ares; Brisa Priori (Urbani), Yamila Rodríguez and Andrea Ojeda (Palomar). Technician: Jorge Martínez.

PALM TREES: July; Bruna Calderan, Poliana, Júlia Bianchi, Katrine (Juliana); Andresinha, Ary Borges, Duda Santos (Carol Baiana), Camilinha (Day Silva); Byanca Brasil (Patrícia Sochor) and Bia Zaneratto. Technician: Ricardo Belli.

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