Pirates of the Caribbean | Zoe Saldaña did not have a good experience in the franchise

Actress Zoe Saldaña, the Ana Maria from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, revealed in a recent interview that he didn’t have a good experience working on Disney’s pirate franchise.

In an interview with EWthe actress commented on her experience on the set of Pirates of the Caribbeanrevealing that she felt overwhelmed, and that this experience made her decide not to return to subsequent films in the franchise.

check out what Zoe Saldana commented on his experience in Pirates of the Caribbean below:

It was my first exposure to a big Hollywood movie, where there were so many actors and so many producers and so many crew members. We were filming in different locations, and the environments weren’t so pleasant at times for our filming days.

I was very young, and it was a little too big for me, and the pace was a little too fast. I walked away not having a good experience with it in general. I felt like I was lost in the trenches of a big deal, and I just didn’t feel like I was okay.

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A few years ago, Johnny Depp had a deal to receive approximately $22.5 million for a sixth film in the franchise.

However, after the beginning of the controversy with Amber Heard, catapulted thanks to the editorial of the actress in the Washington Poststudio executives got in touch to say that “were going in a different direction” with the franchise.

‎A few months later, information emerged involving a new project, without the involvement of the iconic interpreter of Captain Jack Sparrow.

Pirates of the Caribbean is one of Disney’s biggest franchises, having set multiple box office records over the course of the five films.

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