Power outage affects production and supply in Apucarana and region

Sanepar informs that, due to power outages after a storm in the region of Apucarana, the production and distribution of water are compromised in some cities. There may be a lack of water and/or pressure fluctuations in the network in the municipalities of Apucarana, Faxinal, São João do Ivaí, Cruzmaltina, Grandes Rios, Borrazópolis, Mauá da Serra, São Pedro do Ivaí, Godoy Moreira, Ivaiporã, Marilândia do Sul and São José, Marilândia district.

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Copel was called to restore the energy, but the volume of calls is very large and there is still no forecast for the return of energy and normalization of supply. In situations like this, prioritize treated water for hygiene and food. Do not waste!

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They may run out of water, especially customers who do not have a water tank at home. Sanepar reminds you that, according to the norm of the Brazilian Association of Technical Norms (ABNT), each property must have a water tank capable of meeting the needs of residents for at least 24 hours. The household tank must store at least 500 liters.

Sanepar asks for everyone’s collaboration and guides the population to use water rationally, avoiding waste.


Sanepar Customer Service is available on 0800 200 0115. When calling, have your water bill or your registration number ready.

To consult this and other information, use the Sanepar Mobile application or always access the Sanepar website: www.sanepar.com.br


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