Receive! LOUD announces the hiring of Glove de Pedreiro

make the L of Mason’s Glove because the influencer is the new reinforcement of the LOUD. The organization announced, this Friday (28), the hiring of the trendy creator of content that went viral throughout this year. Luva will join LOUD as a brand ambassador. according to The Enemy found, the negotiation lasted for more than a month.

That’s because one of the first contacts between LOUD and Luva de Pedreiro was during the final of the second split of CBLOL 2022. On that occasion, the organization was champion over the paiN Gaming and the influencer was present on the decision stage. Since then, the conversations have progressed to a happy ending.


Glove de Pedreiro started to get closer to games since March this year, when he created a channel on Twitch. In addition, the content creator began to interact over the last few months with the gaming scene on social networks. He, for example, played games with the streamer Baiano and even with the EA Sports in relation to FIFA 23.

Interestingly, this is not the first time that an esports organization has hired an influencer who produces content outside of the industry. LOUD itself has already hired tiktokers Lázaro and Vicente, as well as skaters Luiz Francisco and Pedro Quintas. With the exception of her, MIBR has also made a similar move by closing with Diogo Defante.

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