see 3 releases of 2022 that every woman needs to read

On October 29, National Book Day is celebrated. The date was chosen as a way of honoring the National Library of Brazil, founded in Rio de Janeiro, when the Royal Portuguese Library was transferred to the colony in 1810.

To celebrate, we’ve separated three book tips released in 2022 that every woman needs to have on her shelf.

To the details!

In Search of Me (Viola Davis)

Finding Me is an autobiography of award-winning actress Viola Davis. The book tells the story of the Hollywood woman from childhood to stardom. The artist is an example of overcoming not only black people, but all women looking for “their place in the sun”.

Recently, Viola released A Mulher Rei, a narrative about women warriors who protect an African kingdom. The film was the most watched in Brazil in the first days of its premiere.

Black and white photo of Viola Davis book cover
Finding Me tells the story of Viola Davis, from childhood to stardom.

I’m Glad My Mother Died (Jennette McCurdy)

Scheduled for release on November 15th, this is actress Jennette McCurdy’s memoir about her struggles as a former child actress – including eating disorders, addictions and the complicated relationship with her mother. The work can arouse the interest of fans of youth series, and serve as a warning to mothers who project their dreams on their children, causing a toxic relationship to exist.

Color photo of a yellow and pink book cover with the title I'm glad my mom died
I’m Glad My Mother Died is a memoir by Jennette McCurdy

This is How It Begins (Colleen Hoover)

If like most women you are a fan of romance, you will surely love This How It Begins. In Colleen Hoover’s new release, Lily Bloom continues to run a flower shop. Her abusive ex-husband, Ryle Kincaid, is still a surgeon. Now, the two are officially divorced and share custody of their daughter, Emerson.

Collen’s narrative conveys what actually happens. It is part of what many people choose not to see, but which is present all the time in society. If you’re an inveterate romantic, this read is worth shedding a few tears.

Color photo of a blue cover book written This is how it starts
this is how it starts

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