Single final is a cool event, but not in South America – 10/28/2022

It took me a while to form an opinion on the single ending. Those who don’t like it usually don’t like it for sporting reasons. He really prefers two games and such. That argument never got to me. Now, since the implementation of the single final in South America, many warned of the difficulties of locomotion. I thought it was overkill. Today, it is clear that these people were right.

I think the single ending is conceptually cool. Super Bowl, Champions League, World Cup… One event. One game. It goes down in history, everyone sees it, everyone talks about it. Take the Libertadores as an example, with the single final “unintentionally”, between Boca and River, in Madrid, and the epic Flamengo x River, in Lima. These are truly unforgettable moments.

Maaaass…. It’s really not something for South America. Last year, in Montevideo, even in a game involving two of the five biggest fans in the biggest country on the continent, it was not possible to fill the stadium. The other day São Paulo played a South American final in Argentina, which is close, and it didn’t fill the stadium. And this Saturday we will have a sad image of the stands in Guayaquil, far from full capacity. With Flamengo in action! We are following the drama of flamenguistas who cannot reach Ecuador, even with the money to do so.

The continent’s air network is inconsistent, fragile, there are few flights and airlines take the opportunity to charge their eyes. Rail network? Does not exist. By road, we are talking about abyssal distances, mountain ranges or forests to be crossed, without forgetting the dangers in terms of safety. There’s more: South America doesn’t receive tourists like Europe. Only Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, possibly, have hotels to host huge events. Maybe Buenos Aires, one or another city.

In practice, the single final generates absurd prices to fly and to stay. The single final turns into something ultra-rich, it has nothing to do with football. In practice, forgive the insistence, the single final is almost certainly empty stadiums, except for a coincidence like “Flamengo playing a final at Maracanã”, “Boca Jrs at Cone Sul” and so on.

Undoubtedly, behind the talk of “technical imbalance” that CONMEBOL launched yesterday, there is money. What they want is money in their pockets. I always thought the plan was to send this final to Miami, maybe it still is. “Given the bad experiences of 2021 and 2022, we made the wise decision, for the sake of the product.”

And look, if the Libertadores finals are in Miami, it will be even better for the event. Miami is a kind of capital of Latin America, it has all nationalities, fans of all teams, people would come from other parts of the United States. The stadium will always be full in a final, full of people who live in North America (because getting a US visa is not an overnight thing).

But…. Again maaaaaa, with a lot of As…. would that be right? Would it be right to take teams away from their bases, from the fans in their city?

In my opinion, no. I want to hear from you. I like the single ending concept. But it’s not a thing for South America.

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