State agency deletes videos of Putin that raise suspicions about Russian leader’s health – News

The Kremlin has deleted videos in which Russian President Vladimir Putin appears with a deep mark on his hand, trying to grab a soldier’s arm during a visit to a training camp for reservists last week in the Ryazan region.

Even after the Russian state news agency, RIA, deleted the videos, shortly afterwards the images began to circulate on social media. The news was initially published in the Ukrainian press, and replicated by other foreign vehicles.

One of the suspicions about the mark that appears on Putin’s hand is that he would have had to insert a venous access catheter in that region, due to medical treatment.

The images reinforce rumors that the Russian leader would be treating an illness. There has long been speculation that Putin had thyroid cancer or even a diagnosis of Parkinson’s.

It is noteworthy that at public events, Putin always appears surrounded by an entourage of doctors. The Russian government denies all speculation about the president’s health.

In April this year, just weeks after Russia invaded Ukraine, a video in which Putin appears grabbing the corner of a table during a meeting with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu also caught public attention.

In the images, the Russian president appears to have to struggle to balance himself in his chair. In addition, the way he leans on the armchair and his facial expression already drew attention at the time.

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