“The just is…”; Weverton bets on the ‘migué’ and winds up Endrick after two goals for Palmeiras

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16-year-old centre-forward won a pair of sneakers after a gala night in Curitiba, but “combined” indicated more gifts

Photo: Cesar Greco - Weverton had to call a bet, but he "migué" as a gift to Endrick
Photo: Cesar Greco – Weverton had to call a bet, but gave Endrick a gift

Last Tuesday (25) will forever be in the memory of Endrick, who, at 16, became the youngest player to score for the palm trees in history. In addition, in the 3-1 victory against Athletico-PR, in Curitiba, the striker scored two at once. “Unlucky” for goalkeeper Weverton, who lost a backstage bet.

Weverton had promised a pair of sneakers to Endrick in case of a goal for Palmeiras. It is true that the damage could have been greater after referee Braulio da Silva Machado went back and validated the goal, previously given to Gustavo Scarpa, for shirt 16, but, in the end, the big boy was content with just one pair.

But he was very “finished” when it came to choosing when he went to the mall with Weverton, who paid a pair valued at more than R$8,000. “Guys, do you think the first goal was mine or Scarpa’s? He doesn’t want to give me another sneaker”, joked the striker, who also received support from midfielder Danilo.

“Legally the goal was his, but morally it was Scarpa’s because he stretched his foot to take Scarpa’s goal away. replied Weverton in jest. On social media, Verdão fans commented on the interaction of Palmeiras players, very close to the 11th Brazilian title.

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