These are the 9 professions with the highest salary floors in Brazil

From time to time, some professions become more relevant in the labor market. Have you noticed? It is a result of the advancement of technology and also of the new needs of the population. Check now which are the nine professions that have guaranteed the highest salary floors in Brazil in recent years. Is yours on the list?

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The survey is important for those who want to enter a specific area of ​​work or migrate from the current one to something new, but who have not yet made up their minds. There are also those cases of people who already work in a certain professionbut their salaries are out of step with the new reality of the market.

Highest salary floors in the country

The highest salary floors include workers from different areas. For example: healthcare, technology, marketing, sales and many others. There is a real range of possibilities. If you’ve seen yourself in the examples above, we’re sure your skills and competences can be valued in some of these hot spots.

Note that not all careers listed companies have a salary floor. The minimum amount is almost always agreed between representatives of a certain category. The values ​​also change from one state to another, so you will find examples from various regions of Brazil.

See below which are the professions that guarantee the highest salary floors:

1. Doctor: is always on the rise. A SUS doctor, in São Paulo, has a minimum wage of R$ 9,802.04, but his possibility of earning is much greater. This depends on the area of ​​specialization, the shifts and several other factors that make the monthly salary very high.

2. Software Engineer: there is no denying that for some time the technology it’s warm. The minimum salary for an engineer in the state of Minas Gerais is R$ 10,107.36. Remuneration changes a lot, especially for those who serve companies outside Brazil, as they guarantee gains in euros, dollars and more.

3. Lawyer: the floor in the Federal District is R$ 4,672.96.

4. Judge: in Bahia, he can earn up to R$32,637.00.

5. Delegate: as well as the position of Judge, this one also depends on training in Law. In Rio de Janeiro, a delegate has a minimum wage of R$ 18,157.73.

6. Clinical veterinarian: in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, it is R$ 6,024.35.

7. HR Manager: many companies are looking for those workers who never left the scene. The minimum salary for a Human Resources manager in Goiás is R$4,622.35.

8. Systems Analyst: also in the technology area, the position in the state of Espírito Santo has a floor of R$ 5,362.26. It is one of the professions that are on the rise at the moment.

9. Dentist: in the state of Maranhão, the floor is R$ 4,777.59. Professionals can work in more than one clinic, for example, so they get very attractive salaries.

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