To avoid cheating in tests, unusual measure goes viral on the internet

Pictures of students wearing funny hats circulated on social media this week. Known as anti-cheating, hats prevent the practice of cheating on tests, something very common among students who do not prepare for exams.

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While some institutions adopt this measure, others criticize its effectiveness, which is not necessarily intended to solve the problem or cause students to feel willing to cheat on tests.

Teacher creates anti-glue hats to reduce cheating in the classroom

This unusual idea is the creation of a teacher in the city of Legazpi, Philippines, with the aim of reducing cheating in tests and preserving the integrity and honesty of students in their exams.

Facebook/Mary Joy Mandane-Ortiz

With hats improvised with cardboard and other materials, the prop is designed to prevent students from looking at classmates’ evidence and doing the same. Egg cartons, paper tubes and even Halloween costumes were also used.

Mary Joy Mandane-Ortiz, professor of Mechanical Engineering at Bicol University of Engineering in the Philippines, praises her own idea and is pleased with the results, saying that this is an effective measure in combating glue in the classroom.

The inspiration for the anti-glue hat comes from a technique used in Thailand in 2013. At the time, an image became popular on social media for showing Bangkok university students with sheets of paper stuck to their heads to block the peripheral vision of these students on tests.

Facebook/Mary Joy Mandane-Ortiz

To make the game more fun for the students, the teacher encouraged them to create the anti-glue hats in their own way and use creativity. But the success of the measure came even after the teacher posted a photo of the students on her social networks. It didn’t take long for the image to go viral and the news to circulate around the world, inspiring other colleges to adopt the method.

According to the engineering professor, the students’ performance improved in the tests, because they had to study and work harder to pass. After all, cheating on tests is no longer possible.

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