Tom Felton reveals that he had Emma Watson’s encouragement to tell his whole story in a book – 10/11/2022

10/11/2022 | 1:11 pm

Tom Felton is known for playing Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter saga and during an interview with The Independent, the British actor made a disclosure about his newest book entitled Beyond the Wand: The Magic and Chaos of Growing Up as a Wizard .

During the chat, Tom made a point of giving details that he had the encouragement of his personal friend Emma Watson – who was also in the Harry Potter films as Hermione Granger – and talked about some health problems.

– I was encouraged by some people, Emma Watson specifically, to tell the whole story and not just pick the cute parts. Not just because it was cathartic for me. But also in the hope that sharing these parts of my story will help others who may not be having the best time.

According to the portla, Tom Felton’s book consists of affable annotations about the time he was shooting Harry Potter, including the actor’s relationship with the cast and his teenage transgressions off-screen. And towards the end of the book is when he decides to talk about mental health and some of his short stints in rehab.

– The reality of my experience was that I had a group of people around me who knew me well enough to know that I wasn’t happy. That I wasn’t being the Tom they knew. I wasn’t thinking clearly. And it has less to do with what I was doing, and more a case that they realized I needed help. I think a lot of people when they’re in the muddy waters don’t recognize how muddy it is.


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