WHATSAPP PAID! Application undergoes changes and will have a price? Know what will happen

Currently, the messaging app is one of the most used in Brazil. This is because such an application makes several features available for free to its users. For example, whoever uses it can send audio and text messages, send photos and videos, call by video or audio, among many other things without costing anything. But what is this story paid whatsapp?

Many people are in doubt whether the WhatsApp paid will be a reality or not. This doubt came after an announcement made by Meta, owner of the application. In this way, some news has been circulating about possible charges for users of the application. Check with Notícias Concursos, in this Friday’s article (28), what’s coming.

Will paid WhatsApp be a reality?

First of all, it should be noted that this issue of the application starting to charge users to use the resources is just a rumor. It turns out that the company’s statement Meta refers to a version of the app that hasn’t even been released yet: WhatsApp Business.

This new version will be aimed at those who undertake or even work using the application as one of the forms of communication between companies and customers. This is done either through real-time service or through programmed automatic messages sent as soon as the customer is contacted at the beginning of a conversation.

The app modality is still in the testing and development phase. So it can’t be used yet. Also, there are currently no dates set for the release to be available to everyone. Another question that is still unknown is what the prices will be paid by those who want to use the modality.

Furthermore, Meta has anticipated some new features that will be present in the new version. In this sense, between them you have the possibility of connecting the same account on a maximum of ten different smartphones at the same time.

Yet another change will be about accessing WhatsApp conversations. This can happen through the URL itself, being customized by whoever is using it. In this way, it makes the URL properly customized for a particular establishment or trade.

WHATSAPP PAID!  Application undergoes changes and will have a price?  Know what will happen
WHATSAPP PAID! Application undergoes changes and will have a price? Know what will happen – Canva Pro

App remains free

Well, it is worth mentioning that the messaging app currently offers certain services and that should continue for free for all users. They will continue to use the regular app version.

In this way, it is worth remembering that, even if WhatsApp Business is aimed at entrepreneurs, their membership will not be mandatory. So, even such an audience will likely continue with their free version of the app.

However, it is necessary to wait for the new Meta information releases to know how the new version of the WhatsApp paid will work. We will also know what new features will be available, as well as the amount that will be charged and membership of professional accounts.

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