Why so many millennials report living in a sexless marriage

  • Jessica Klein
  • BBC Lovelife

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“In the first [vários] years of our marriage, we had an amazing sex life… and now that he’s gotten older (he’s now 30) he just doesn’t seem to be interested in sex anymore.”

This is one of many comments that appear in the r/DeadBedrooms subgroup on the social networking platform Reddit – self-described as “a discussion group for Reddit members who are experiencing a relationship with a serious lack of sexual intimacy”.

Frustration cases like this, from people who are in relationships with little or no sex, are frequent.

“Why does he prefer his own hand to having sex with me?” asks a message. And the subgroup’s outlook is somewhat bleak: “advice is always welcome,” the description reads, “but don’t be surprised to learn we’ve heard it all.”

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