You can get tired at work even in an office

Do you work in an office, even with a bureaucratic routine and sitting in front of the computer all day? If the answer is yes, you’ve certainly come home exhausted several times and don’t understand how you can be so tired with so little effort. Understand why you get tired at work, even in an office.

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Anyone can get tired at work, even in an office.

Recent research has scanned the human brain and has come up with results that might show why you get tired at work in an office. The reason may be present because of the accumulation of a chemical that can be toxic, called glutamate. It is released by the body when doing activity that requires concentration for a long time.

Glutamate is normally used to send signals from nerve cells. However, its accumulation can also impact the functioning of the prefrontal cortex. This is the region of the brain responsible for decision making. More than that, it causes mental fatigue, which is reflected throughout the human body.

Mental fatigue affects a person’s body in and out of work

If you feel tired at work and this fatigue persists when you get home, know that this is a normal reflex. after a lot mental exhaustionpeople tend to be in a bad mood and their bodies are stiff, sore and stressed.

A study developed by the Paris Brain Institute (ICM) showed that fatigue from work can even affect an individual’s cognition. Judges are more likely to hand down harsh sentences on convicts after a stressful day, for example.

The more fatigued a person is, the more glutamate he accumulates in the body and the greater the chances of making decisions outside the logical field. This is because the substance directly affects a person’s decision making. Regrets often arise after deciding something important while still under the influence of the tiredness.

Studies show that physical exercise, good nutrition and flexible working hours can considerably mitigate all negative effects.

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