You can win a scholarship of up to BRL 70,000 to study in France

Find out how the program that gives scholarships to different students works and how to apply to study in France.

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Applications for scholarships for the Sciences Po Émile Boutmy program are now open. It receives students who match the institution’s requirements and the criteria of each course. So, if you win a scholarship of up to R$70,000 to study in France, see the information below.

About the program that gives scholarships to several students

To choose the students who will win the scholarships, the program takes into account several aspects, such as socioeconomic factors and the academic performance of each candidate. The amount paid varies from 3,600 to 13,190 euros. It’s 3 years of graduation. Regarding the master’s degree, the scholarship is 12,200 euros for each of the two years of the course.

Classes are taught in French. Therefore, applicants for scholarships need to have the ability to track them. Proof of language proficiency is required through a certificate.

Located in Paris, Sciences Po is one of the most renowned centers for social and political studies in the world. The sociologist Émile Boutmy was the one who created the institution in 1872, so the scholarship program is named in honor of the founder.

Find out how to apply to win one of the scholarships in France

To apply, interested parties must access the Sciences Po website. It is necessary to present personal documents, diploma and medical education history. Interested in Master’s Scholarships must also submit their higher education diploma and motivation letter.

People who are interested in Master’s courses will have until November 30th to apply. Those who want a degree opportunity will have until February 22 of the next year to register.

In addition, the student who wants to win one of the scholarships to study in Europe must inform the family’s financial situation. The income tax return, documents proving the payment of parents’ salaries or certificates of receipt of financial support due to unemployment can be presented.

Image: Catarina Belova /

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