10 Little-Known Friends Casting Facts

friends returned to the spotlight after the release of its cast reunion last year, and both in the program and before and after it, many facts about the series, including the casting of its cast, have been revealed, see 10 of them.

1. Having David Schwimmer Wasn’t Easy

Ross (David Schwimmer) in Friends (Reproduction)
Ross (David Schwimmer) in Friends (Reproduction)

Although the character Ross Geller was created especially for David Schwimmer, it wasn’t easy to bring the actor into the cast of friendsbecause at the time he decided to dedicate himself exclusively to the theater which made the creators beg and send gift baskets to convince the actor, which fortunately ended up working.

2. Lisa Kudrow was recommended

The show’s creators were struggling to find the right actress to play Phoebe, until David Crane’s husband Jeffrey Klarik, who was producing Lisa Kudrow on another show (Mad About You), recommended her for the role of masseuse.

The creators of friends not only did they hire Kudrow, they linked her character’s story on Friends with that of the other series, introducing her on Friends as the twin sister of waitress Ursula de Mad About You.

3. Lisa Kudrow had perfect hearing

Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) in Friends (Reproduction)

Despite being well recommended, Lisa Kudrow had to go through an audition for the character Phoebe, which he took from the lyrics according to the creators who stressed that the actress was not only perfect in her audition, but exceeded expectations.

4. Longer than expected

David Crane and Marta Kauffman

After managing to cast two characters fairly quickly, despite the difficulties they faced, David Crane and Marta Kauffman went through a lengthy audition process to get the missing four, taking more than two months to find the third cast member. main.

5. Matt LeBlanc won for his comic timing

Joey (Matt LeBlanc) in Friends (Reproduction)

After two-and-a-half months looking for their Joey Tribbiani, the show’s creators had seen as many good-looking actors as they would have liked for the character, but none funny enough, until Matt LeBlanc arrived with perfect comedic timing and won the role without a hitch.

6. Almost Joey Won a Tip

During the auditions, among the actors who tried out for the role of Joey Tribbiani was Louis Mandylor, who came close to getting the role but lost it to Matt LeBlanc, but his performance was so appreciated by Crane and Kauffman that he ended up getting a part in the series. , playing Joe’s false twin in the episode, The One with Unagi, from season 6.

7. Courteney Cox was selected as Rachel

After LeBlanc’s casting for Joey, the search for the remaining cast members continued, and finding a Monica was proving to be an almost impossible task, until Courteney Cox, who had been selected for the role of Rachel Green, told the creators that she thought who best suited the role of head chef, obsessed with cleanliness and organization, and they decided to take her suggestion.

8. Past Experiences Bring Matthew Perry

Although they thought that finding their Chandler Bing would be the easiest part of the main cast, Crane and Kauffman didn’t need many auditions to realize their mistake, after seeing several actors and not finding any funny enough, the perfect actor came to mind. for the role, Matthew Perry, who they had previously worked with on the series Dream On.

9. Having Matthew Perry was a stroke of luck

If thinking about Matthew Perry to bring Chandler Bing to life was a long process, casting the actor turned out to be another process even more time-consuming and complicated than the show’s creators could have imagined.

It turns out that at that time Perry was already signed to the cast of another series called LAX 2194but luckily for Crane and Kauffman, the series ended up being canceled before its pilot even aired, which made it possible for the actor to be a part of Friends.

10. Jennifer Aniston’s Casting Was Also Luck

When they found themselves with an almost complete main cast, the creators thought that everything was practically resolved, but if they had difficulties finding the right actors for the other characters, with Rachel Green it was no different.

Many auditions were held until they got to Jennifer Aniston and saw that she was perfect for the role, only once again they found an obstacle in their way, due to the actress, like Perry, being committed to another series, called Muddling Through.

Once again Crane and Kauffman got lucky with Muddling Through being canceled after three episodes, which made it possible for Aniston to become Rachel Green.

friends is available on HBO Max.

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