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For over a year, fans have been waiting for the continuation of HBO’s critically acclaimed anthology series. the white lotus, which finally comes out with the second season on October 30th. This time, the story will follow a group of tourists at the White Lotus resort in Sicily, Italy, and will bring together a new cast along with the one and only Jennifer Coolidge who played Tanya in season one.

At its core, the white lotus is a well-written satirical comedy-drama that makes fun of rich and privileged people and their petty little problems. At the same time, it reveals the issues of modern society and the intricacies of dysfunctional relationships. There are many interesting feature films similar to the white lotus that are so bold and hilarious and important.

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

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Characters in the elevator of the Grand Budapest Hotel

by Wes Anderson The Grand Budapest Hotel became an exemplary film in the genre of subtle satirical comedy-drama. Like this the white lotusthe events of the film are set at a resort, only in this case it takes place in the 20th century Eastern European country of Zubrowka.

The versatile, talented cast, with the help of solid writing, makes both projects dynamic and exciting throughout the run. The Grand Budapest Hotel explores important issues of race, social hierarchy and loyalty and engages audiences with unique cinematography, costumes and production design.

Burn After Reading (2008)

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The iconic film duo of Joel and Ethan Coen certainly know how to make a thought-provoking satirical dark comedy, and Burn After Reading is among the best of them. Set as a spy story, it follows the adventures of two gym workers, played by Frances McDormand and Brad Pitt, who try to make a fortune from the lost memories of a former CIA analyst that are mistaken for highly classified government documents.

Burn After Reading explores the repercussions of the actions of people who may at first seem totally disconnected, but turn out to be deeply connected. the white lotus also portrays a similar phenomenon as audiences get to know each character and the connections they make at the resort.

Parasite (2019)

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The Kim family reunited in Parasite

Oscar winner for Best Picture, Parasite shocked and surprised its audience in the best way possible in 2019. Bong Joon-ho’s home invasion story of a poor Korean family who take over a luxurious upper-class home and completely deceive its owners is tragic, elevated, and sometimes hilarious.

The story of Olivia’s less privileged friend Paula from the white lotus explores the same themes and shows how one could logically justify stealing from rich people. But it turns out that even privileged people have feelings and attachments just like anyone else in the world.

Ready or Not (2019)

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Andie MacDowell Henry Czerny Adam Brody Nicky Guadagni Elyse Levesque and Melanie Scrofano in Ready or Not

Nothing screams dysfunctional family better than the Le Domas family in the 2019 movie Ready or not. The horror comedy exceeds expectations with a unique narrative where main character Grace has to survive the night of brutal satanic attacks by her in-laws as part of a wedding ritual.

The scrutiny of in-laws is something that Rachel Patton’s character from the white lotus know very well. Having married wealthy real estate agent Shane, a young honeymooner has the worst moment as she slowly realizes that neither her better half nor her relatives wish her the best.

Knives (2019)

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the white lotus sets up as a murder mystery show, which quickly puts the murder part on the back burner until the end of the series. However, the public gets to see the result and the series of actions that led to the death of the person in question.

For those who crave carefree murder mysteries, knives It’s one of the best modern classics of the genre. Detective Benoit Blanc takes the audience on a journey to solve a mysterious death that happened within a wealthy and dysfunctional family, and no character is too small to be considered a suspect.

Thanks for Smoking (2005)

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Rich and privileged people with a minimal sense of responsibility make great main characters. In the 2005 movie Thanks for smoking, Nick Naylor serves as the main spokesperson for the big tobacco companies, and the film shows how far a person is ready to go just to get their point across.

The late White Lotus manager Arnold has gone from a lot of stress and responsibility to being out of control and distant. Because of his highly demanding position and new visitors, each with their own secret, he vented in the most inappropriate ways, with karma getting to him for turning to the dark side.

Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

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Upper-class privileges and dysfunctional families are at the heart of both. the white lotus and the box office hit of 2018 Crazy Rich Asians, a film based on a bestselling book of the same title. The story focuses on Rachel Chu, who travels to Singapore for the wedding of her boyfriend’s best friend and discovers that her family is extremely wealthy.

The film Crazy Rich Asians makes fun of the small problems of the rich, but at the same time establishes a way of relating to most of the characters in the film. With characters like Rachel Chu from Crazy Rich Asians to Rachel Patton from the white lotusthe stories convey the message of the difficulties of committing to a relationship that comes with a big bag of money.

Beatriz at Dinner (2017)

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Scene from the movie Beatriz at Dinner.

The underrated comedy-drama film of 2017 Beatriz at dinner is written by the white lotus showrunner Mike White. The story follows a masseuse, played by Salma Hayek, who ends up staying for a business dinner at her wealthy client’s house, where tension mounts with each new topic of discussion.

The atmosphere, the dialogues and the characters in Beatriz at dinner were an inspiration to create one of Mike White’s best projects, The White Lotus, later. With both projects, Mike didn’t hold back from fully exploring the obvious and subtle issues of privileged society.

Leave (2017)

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Leave (2017)

Modern satirical horror and Jordan Peele are now the words that go hand in hand following the director’s consistently high-quality horror movie releases. His directorial debut, Go output Jordan on the map as the master at writing suspenseful layered dialogue, creating unexpected twists and creating a spooky atmosphere.

Furthermore, the film itself is a social commentary on race and social hierarchy, which is why fans of the white lotus you’ll probably like the bloodless but suspenseful horror, Go out. Both projects build on racial tension in a very clever way, but with different tools and results.

Borat (2006)

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Borat banned movies

Sacha Baron Cohen’s Signature Film Borat it’s considered one of the best modern black comedies for a reason. This mockumentary-style film follows a Kazakh journalist Borat on his journey to expose real America and its modern values.

Both the white lotus and Borat it’s not just about making serious comments about society as a whole, but American society in particular. What does the Borat a unique job is the style of filming the interviews, which actor Sasha Baron Cohen would do under the guise of a fictional character, but real-life Americans.

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