5 Films about Writers in Crisis

Films about existential crises are still something frequent year after year in cinema. More and a writer in crisis? The expression of ideas on a sheet of paper, a typewriter, a computer or any place where technical variables are expressed, or even writing styles have always taken us to conflicting universes of brilliant minds over time. To reflect on this topic, in works based on real facts or not, follow below 5 movies about writers in crisis:

Midnight in Paris

One of the most acclaimed films by the American filmmaker Woody Allenin Midnight in Paris we follow a plot where during a leisure trip to Paris with his wife and in-laws, a writer quite dazzled by the outstanding characteristics of this beautiful city, discovers the French capital alone at dawn, going to decades behind the same city where he meets intellectuals and people who admire in your present.

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In the plot, we meet the impolite, inconvenient, provocative, eccentric, predictor of futures, who suffers from internal conflicts, has a complicated view of the world, lives daily tragedies in her marriage, the writer Shirley Jackson (Elisabeth Moss) who spends her secluded life in a comfortable home, with her husband Stanley (Michael Stuhlbarg), a prestigious university professor. With the arrival of the young couple Rosa (Odessa Young) and Fred (Logan Lerman) to live for a while at Shirley and Stanley’s house, the new dynamic will greatly mess with the depressive routine of the first one that, among other things, embarks on a harrowing analysis of herself and everything she creates in her praised texts, influencing the immature and without Rose life experience.

Welcome Violet!

Filmed in Ushuaia, in Argentine Patagonia, in the plot we meet the writer Ana (Deborah Falabella) who decides to embark on a journey to a kind of creative laboratory where she and other writers participate in dynamics led by the enigmatic Holden (Darío Grandinetti), a man full of personality who had become famous in the literary world after burning copies of his books on launch day. The days in this place are intense and provocative, there is a need to abandon oneself and embark on the personality of the main characters of the respective works. Gradually, the strong protagonist begins to lose herself, deconstructing herself around one of her characters from her latest book.

black butterflies

The plot tells the life of a South African woman, with many problems, who in her lucid moments is a very famous writer. She has a very difficult relationship with her father (Abraham Jonker, very well played by the missing Rutger Hauer), who started her upbringing after hospitalization followed by the death of her mother. After being saved at sea, right at the beginning of the feature, she begins a relationship with a very famous writer and together they face the political movements of the time, drink, sexual desire and madness that take over the main character in an intense way.

Dealer – Life at Play

In the plot, we meet Jack Manfred (Clive Owen), a man who tries to get a big break at a publishing house in the dream of writing a bestseller. With a lot of time to write but with little money, he even owes the rent to his girlfriend Marion (Gina McKee) who lives with him, receives a call one day from his father, a rogue living in South Africa who got Jack a job as a croupier in a London casino. Jack accepts the job and starts working at the place. There he meets the employees, the players and as he likes his new profession, he ends up attracting conflicts to his present but that can serve as important variables for his next book.

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