7th Walk of Love brought together thousands of people in Ibirapuera

The event took place in public spaces in cities across Brazil and in 88 other countries.

After a 2-year hiatus without the event being held, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the “Love Walk” reached its 7th edition this Saturday, October 29, in cities all over Brazil and 88 other countries, bringing together more than 240 thousand people. The main event took place in São Paulo, where thousands of people were present at the Ibirapuera Park, in the south of the capital.

Conducted by the couple of presenters Renato and Cristiane Cardosothis edition featured a lecture, presentation by Banda Universos, the “Hora dos Solteiros” and recording of the program “The Love School – The Love School” — which will air soon on Record TV. At the end, the couples went on a walk through the park with the question guide prepared by the organization.

  • “The couples are oriented in advance, they receive a guide of questions. Exactly so that the conversation is productive, and doesn’t end up in fights, in DRs, as it usually happens when dealing with sensitive issues in the relationship. Time passes and the couple wears out and grows apart. And today, it’s exactly the opposite, here an intelligent conversation takes place that brings the couple together”, said Renato in an interview for the program. “Speak Brazil”live from Ibirapuera Park.

The importance of this event:

Communication problems are commonly identified as the main cause of divorce among couples, ahead of other adversities faced, such as lack of love, lack of intimacy, lack of partnership and unpreparedness for marriage.

  • “A misplaced word can not only start a fight but end a relationship. Words kill and also build. So, you have to know how to use the word, the tone of the word, all this is part of the couple’s communication. Unfortunately, sometimes the couple let the relationship grow to a level of hostility. They begin to attack each other or become cold in passive aggression. This hurts the marriage a lot and, really, causes a distance between the two”, said Renato.

That’s why the “Love Walk” was designed especially for couples who want to improve and change their relationship. This moment for two encourages and provides a quality dialogue on important issues that are not normally discussed. And it also serves to get to know the other person better, as Cristiane explained, in an interview with “Fala Brasil”:

  • “Because people change. I’m not the same person I was last year. If Renato doesn’t meet me today, we’ll distance ourselves. And this is what happens to many couples who loved each other and, suddenly, after a while, they say ‘we don’t know each other anymore’, ‘we are like strangers in our own house’. Because? Because they didn’t get to know each other. They think that knowledge is just for before marriage. And no, you have to know this person for the rest of your life.”

How was the “Walk of Love” for couples:

Systems analyst Clebson de Andrade Araújo, 34, and journalist Alice Anselmo, 31, participated for the first time in the event in 2018, when they were still dating.

  • “It was very effective, because, at the time, we talked about important issues about life together, finances, children, projects. And it helped a lot, because the questions are based on getting to know each other better.”.

This edition of the event was the couple’s first after their wedding in 2020. After the walk, both highlighted what they learned and what caught their attention the most.

  • “I learned that love life is an area that we must constantly take care of. And I’ve noticed that we’re now more excited to address the issues that have been identified,” Clebson reported.
  • “I thought it was really cool when they highlighted that the mistake of many couples is wanting the other to be a copy of themselves and this ends up frustrating one of the parties. We took the walk, talked about future plans and making more time for each other. The questions helped us to build this line of conversation, so much so that we left there with several notes about what we are going to change in relation to our marriage”, highlighted Alice.

In turn, the couple of workers Anderson Silva, 40 years old, and Érika Silva, 42 years old, told about how the event was for them.

  • “We have already participated in an edition of the walk and it was very special. It’s important to take time for family. Therefore, expectations were high for this edition. We learned that dialogue has to be part of any couple, so that both walk together in the same faith. Let’s put into practice what we’ve learned and always seek to have a union so that marriage is always a blessing”, they evaluated.

See testimonials from singles who participated:

The “Walk of Love” is also a great opportunity for single men and women. The young João Vitor Melo, 26 years old, participated for the second time in the event.

  • “I participated for the first time in 2019 and I was still afraid to go and ‘keep sailing’. But then I saw that even though I’m single I should continue to invest in myself. Nowadays, nobody wants to talk about love life or talk about situations involving two people. And at the event, the chance to hear stories of people who had their relationships restored encourages us to continue investing even more in this area that has been neglected by many”, he said.

After the event, he added:

  • “Today was a great learning experience about how not to know someone just by their looks. Because the heart is deceitful and we should not listen to it. We must always use reason and look for characteristics that will add. The most important part was when I heard that we must first have a relationship with God. Well, dialogue is important in the life of a couple, but there will be no success if we don’t have a dialogue with God first.”

The worker Priscila Alves dos Santos, 30, participated in the event, after two years of waiting.

  • “I participated in the last edition in 2019 and I remember that it was a very pleasant day, I left with a lot of learning. In this edition, the experience was very good and beyond expectations. We learned that it is important to create friendships. I believe that after today, it will help me to see it that way, that it is also important to let yourself be known”, he pointed out.

It is worth mentioning the surprise engagement request:

During the ‘Hora dos Solteiros’ moment, a couple of lovers took the stage to tell their story and how they used the app “I want to know you” — exclusive to Universal members and staff who participate in the Love Therapy. In the meantime, Thiago de Freitas Silva, 30, asks Priscila Santos Braga, 30, for an engagement.

Priscila said that she had participated in the “Caminhada do Amor” before, when she was still single. But this was the first edition in which Thiago participated. They’ve been dating for six months and were already talking about taking their relationship a step further. However, she was taken aback by the request made in public during the event.

  • “It was a unique feeling, a moment of great joy, it’s great to be able to be living this moment. Then he (Thiago) told me that he had been planning this for a month and had the help of his friends”, said Priscila. She added: “We were really looking forward to this event and being able to participate together was wonderful. We learned that dialogue is essential for a couple to stay together, and everyone should have this moment of intimacy.”

Check out photos of the 7th “Caminhada do Amor” in some locations:

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