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The MCU and DCEU continue their respective expansions with the November 2022 release of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and next year’s much-beleaguered Ezra Miller vehicle The Flash. While Marvel and Sony worked on a sporadic deal to cross over and share certain properties, comic book fans still yearn for the admittedly distant prospects of DC and Marvel putting aside their usual rivalry and combining the studio’s strengths to have some of their own. most popular heroes. team on the big screen.

There’s a fair amount of precedent set in various Marvel-DC crossover events in the comics, and given the established canon of the films so far, there are some gatherings more inclined to match – and cinematically rendered – than others.

Batman and the Punisher

An image of Frank Castle and Batman is shown.

Of course, this pairing is tailor-made considering Frank Castle and Bruce Wayne’s mutual skill sets and personal motivations. With each of them having spent night after night haunted, and their habitually practical vigilantism, the Punisher and Batman would be a very easy amalgamation project in a meeting of the minds of Marvel and DC. If it’s Jon Bernthal’s version versus “Batfleck” or “Battinson,” fans would certainly be okay with that either way.

In fact, the Punisher is slightly different from Batman’s regular foe Deathstroke in terms of skills and ruthless methodology. In one of the two comic book corporations’ most notorious collaborations, Bats and Frank actually cross paths and (spoiler alert) a big surprise, ultimately, the Dark Knight triumphs over Castle’s brute strength.

Thor and Shazam

A split image of Thor and Shazam is shown.

As the saying goes, like attracts like, especially for humans and their tendency to draw correlations between remotely related flashpoints. Technically speaking, a Thor-Shazam team honestly isn’t that far-fetched. Both Thor and Shazam are among the most powerful beings of all in their respective universes, both gained their powers through a pantheon of gods (Thor through the Odinforce in Norse Mythology, Billy Batson through powers bestowed on him from Greek God Mythology) , and both are commander lightning captains.

Given Chris Hemsworth’s screen evolution from Thor into a more humorous, less serious kind of demigod, and Zachary Levi’s already established ironic depiction of Shazam, this could be a fantastic alliance to witness.

Batman and Wolverine

An image of Batman and Wolverine.

The bottom line for DC and Marvel is that they each have signature characters that the pop culture mainstream embraces as their alpha-omega recognition. It’s pretty obvious within the DC ranks, it’s more or less a tie between Batman and Superman, with Bats usually taking the crown.

Marvel’s current zeitgeist likely posts a four-way race between Wolverine, Captain America, Iron Man, and Spider-Man, but Wolverine tends to reign supreme in the hearts of kids and adults alike. A movie project combining the main characters of Batman and Wolverine would do gangbuster business, and the potential of Bats taking on Weapon X is definitely a heady prospect for fans. Even the companies knew this during the infamous DC-Marvel Amalgam event, in which they combined the two heroes into a new character called Darkclaw.

Wonder Woman and Storm

An image of Wonder Woman fighting Storm is shown.

Female representation continues to struggle in the established DCEU canon beyond the Wonder Woman character and can be attributed either to the continued push for equality or the dearth of popular heroines in the root sources of DC pages (with apologies to Supergirl, Zatanna, Black Canary, Batgirl and Catwoman). With the success of Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot Wonder Womanthe studio proved that opening a film with a female lead was viable and profitable.

Seeing as how Storm (usually played by Halle Berry) in the Sony X-Men universe has been established for over a decade now, the setup is self-explanatory. In the DC vs. Marvel, Diana, and Ororo actually faced off, with Storm coming out on top due to her lightning powers, though that outcome was determined by reader votes and, frankly, is debatable.

Captain American and Superman

Captain America-Superman

The moral barometers of their universes, the only real surprises from this American-as-apple-pie crossover might be that it hasn’t happened yet. In the crossover comics, the writers chose to confront Captain America with Batman, as each of them was the first melee warrior in their respective worlds. The fight was virtually a stalemate until Batman betrayed him with a Batarang while Cap was distracted by a flood.

It would be more fascinating and certainly cinematically pleasing to see these two iconic pillars of truth, justice and the American way come together in their red and blue suits and take on a proportionate galactic-level villain like Thanos or Darkseid. …or better yet, a team of Thanos and Darkseid.

Black Panther and Catwoman

An image of Catwoman and Black Panther is shown.

Once again, moviegoers like similar overlapping properties, particularly when they know it’s such a difficult path to travel between two rival studios. Sadly, the prospect of a Black Panther cat-themed crossover story arc between Selina Kyle and T’Challa is now extinct.

However, it’s even more of a palatable and tempting possibility when considering a wildly appealing premise of featuring two capable and intense female heroines, now that it seems all the evidence to date suggests that the new Black Panther will in fact be a woman. Whether it’s Shuri, Okoye or Nakia in the new Panther costume, a DC-Marvel brawl and subsequent crew would have fans and girls lining up to buy tickets well in advance.

Batman and Daredevil

An image of Daredevil and Batman is shown.

The Dark Knight has the most entries on this list, largely because within the comic book universe he seems like the most suitable hero for such crossovers, given his adaptability and the obvious reality that non-DC writers want to try to write. it. . Bruce has met much of the non-DC comic book world at some point or another, from Spider-Man to Spawn, Hellboy, Predator and even Elmer Fudd.

An encounter with the protector of Hell’s Kitchen seems to be a no-brainer. With similar street fighting styles and fighting arsenals, a standoff and subsequent alliance between the tortured Murdock and the equally tortured Wayne would draw fans from both universes.

Superman and Spider-Man

Superman and Spider-Man rendered by Alex Ross.

In fact, this encounter was the very first DC-Marvel comic book crossover, written and painted in 1976, and yes, it was every comic book geek’s dream come true. The two characters were established as mainstays of their companies even before Batman, X-Men and Avengers took off in modern popularity.

The plot saw Clark and Peter first misunderstand each other and fight a little, then team up to face a joint threat from Lex Luthor and Doctor Octopus. In hindsight, it’s easy to see why these two were the first choices for an amalgamation project debut, as Superman and Spider-Man were, and perhaps still are, the heart and soul of their universe’s hero. In today’s lexicon, having Henry Cavill and Tom Holland share the screen seems like an easy merger to make.

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