After all, why was Lady Gaga replaced by Sandra Bullock in Bullet Train?

Bullet train arrived in theaters with Brad Pitt as Ladybug, a professional assassin who becomes involved in a complicated mission inside a high-speed train.

But another important actress also appears in the film – Sandra Bullock – and has several moments of interaction with Pitt.

Bullock plays the character Maria Beetle, but, at first, she would be played by Lady Gaga. The actress and singer was cast as Beetle in 2020, however, ended up giving up the character the following year.

Sandra Bullock (Reproduction)

But why did she leave the movie?

Who explained the reasons was the director himself, David Leitch; he revealed that Gaga was really busy not only with her singing career, but also with another film project: Gucci House.

“It was because of the busy schedule with the Ridley Scott movie. We soon realized that it wouldn’t work, as she was getting ready for the other project. Filming coincided, so it didn’t work,” said the filmmaker.

In the film, she played the character Patrizia Reggiani, who murdered her husband in one of the biggest scandals involving the millionaire family. It was only after Lady Gaga officially left the role that Sandra Bullock was cast, in February 2021.

The character is the main contact for the protagonist Ladybug, and Bullock’s performance was highly praised by critics, who stated that she should have received a greater participation.

“Sandra’s role is, unfortunately, almost a cameo. But even with minimal screen time, she puts this over-the-top action-comedy on track.”

Actor Brad Pitt hinted, in a recent interview, that he was the one who invited Sandra to participate in the film.

“I have to say, Sandra is a dear old friend. Sandy is someone I can call to ask for any favors,” he said.

Bullet Train, with Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock, is showing in theaters.

In addition to Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock, the cast of Bullet Train includes Joey King (The Kissing Tent), Brian Tyree Henry (eternal), Michael Shannon (nine unknowns) and Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Avengers: Age of Ultron).

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