Chris Hemsworth regrets having been in a movie with Kristen Stewart?

The actor Chris Hemsworth revealed that he was very disappointed with the results of the film The Huntsman and the Ice Queen, in which he played the forest warrior, who had a relatively questionable Scottish accent.

The film was released in the year 2016 and had a very negative reception from the public, even with great stars in the cast.

Hemsworth spoke about the matter during an interview with Variety Magazine, in which he touched on various points in his career.

When talking about the film, he said he remained insecure during filming as he was unsure about its purpose and distinctive tone.

“I don’t think we ever got to the point of the movie. I thought we wanted to make a not-so-dark version. I felt in a different movie. I was doing one thing and there were these very dramatic performances, which were brilliant.”

Chris Hemsworth as Huntsman in The Huntsman and the Ice Queen (Reproduction)
Chris Hemsworth as Huntsman in The Huntsman and the Ice Queen (Reproduction)

The character of the Hunter originated in the adaptation of the fairy tale Snow White and the hunterwhich Hemsworth starred in alongside Kristen Stewart as the famous princess and Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen.

Despite receiving middling reviews, the production became such an astounding success, grossing nearly $400 million against a budget of $170 million, so a sequel was quickly approved.

Everything was going well, until there was a production scandal involving the return of director Rupert Sanders, who cheated on his wife with Stewart (who, in turn, was cheating on Robert Pattinson).

All of this ended up delaying production and complicating the progress and direction of the film.

He ended up advancing without Sanders and Stewart, so the hunter didn’t end up with the princess in the end.

Chris Hemsworth as Huntsman in The Huntsman and the Ice Queen (Reproduction)

The actress later stated that the reason she didn’t get involved was because she didn’t think any of the sequel scripts she had read were really good, going so far as to reject even a request for a cameo in a single scene.

The actress wasn’t all wrong, after all, the movie ended up becoming a real mess, full of confusing retcons, melodrama without depth and changes in tone that distract the audience and don’t add.

Furthermore, attempts to justify Snow White’s absence made the story even more contrived.

Due to it being a middling film in Hemsworth’s career, it was justifiably overlooked.

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