Customers leave without paying and restaurant releases video of the escape: ‘come back’

A pub in Stokesley, England, used social media to denounce a group of six customers who fled the place through the back doors after consuming 273 pounds sterling (equivalent to R$ 1,600) in lobsters, steaks and drinks.

The case was registered on Thursday night (27). A few hours after the breakout, The Sutton Arms, where the breakout was recorded, posted a picture of the Facebook account and, in a tone of apparent understanding, asked people to come back.

“I believe you guys got confused, thought someone else had already paid the bill and left. We tried to contact them through social networks, but they didn’t respond,” said the restaurant’s profile.

In the photo of the bill, it is possible to see that the group consumed three steaks, three lobsters, a portion of onion rings and 70 pounds (R$ 430) in drinks.

Appeal on social networks. “Please go back to pay. You can even put the money in the mailbox. If you don’t pay, we’ll deliver the security camera footage to the police and share it on social media,” asked the restaurant manager.

Despite the account’s image having more than 1,900 shares on social media, customers did not show up with the money and the video of them running away was published by the restaurant.

In the image, it is possible to see a young woman with her cell phone in her hand waiting for the rest of the group. Two men come running and the trio leave. Fifteen seconds later, a couple runs out and then the last occupant of the table appears. Everyone leaves.

The publication of the video on social networks generated a series of prejudiced comments from followers about the origin of the customers who fled.

“They’re ‘gypsies’. They shouldn’t even be able to enter the restaurant,” says one person. Someone else calls them “chavs,” a derogatory term used by Brits for lower-class youth.

To the tabloid The Sun, the owner of the restaurant said that the group had booked a trip to the place in advance and asked that the steaks and lobsters be reserved.

She said the loss was large and the pub’s profit margin was small. “We try to keep prices low. When something like that happens, it’s a nightmare,” she said.

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