Daniel Radcliffe reportedly spotted in new Marvel movie

The Marvel Cinematic Universe boasts the largest cast in Hollywood, and with so many movies and series still to come, the number of actors participating in the franchise will only get bigger.


And there are always plenty of speculated names, either included in rumors or just actors that fans would like to see joining the Marvel Universe. And one of the most talked about names is usually that of Daniel Radcliffe.

Known for having starred in the saga Harry Potterthe actor’s name has been linked to both Moon Knight rumors and, more often, Wolverine, something the actor has repeatedly denied.

But it looks like the actor may have finally joined a Marvel movie, a pretty unusual one: Kraven the Huntera new spin-off from the Spider-Man universe that is set to hit theaters in October 2023.

Kraven starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, an experienced actor from the universe of heroes, and directed by JC Chandor, responsible for films such as The Most Violent Year and Border Operationand will apparently have its first private test session next week.

Who announced the news was the BSLand among the responses a fan interacted with the insider (Look), recalling that filming for the film passed through his village and claiming that none other than Daniel Radcliffe was seen on the set of the recordings, stating that he has a role in the film.

Nothing is confirmed, and the actor could only have a small role in the film, but if this test session actually happens next week, a confirmation could end up leaking on the internet.

What did you think? keep following the Marvel’s legacy so you don’t miss any news!


announced on AUGUST 2018, the Kraven: The Hunter solo movie is yet another Spider-Man spin-off produced by Sony Pictures. Cinematic Universe of Marvel Characters that already has Venom, morbius and Spider-Woman!

Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Avengers: Age of Ultron) left the role of Quicksilver to play the villain of Spider-Man. JC Chandorresponsible for The Most Violent Year and Border Operationwas confirmed as director of the feature, which hits theaters in October 5, 2023!

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