Dorival or Felipe? Hard to say which coach deserves Libertadores!

What would you say to me if, at the beginning of the season, I bet that Dorival Júnior and Luiz Felipe Scolari would be in the 2022 Libertadores final?

Why, they would surely call me crazy!

I myself would suspect my sanity (laughs).

After all, at the beginning of the year, we had great contenders for the title, such as the current two-time champion Abel Ferreira, Marcelo Gallardo (River), Paulo Sousa and Turco Mohamed (we still didn’t know that the last two were so bad).

But fate wanted two coaches who took up their current positions in mid-2022 to reach the decision of the most important tournament on the South American continent.

Felipão was hired in May by Athletico-PR, who had no idea he would go far in Libertadores.

And Dorival was rehired for his third spell at Flamengo in June.

And it is difficult to point out who had the most merits on the way to the final of the competition.

Scolari, evidently, had the most unbelievable feat, as Hurricane is not even in the top-5 of the best teams in Brazil.

But Junior also managed to do something that seemed impossible for other coaches: fit in the very strong Flamengo attack with Pedro and Gabigol.

So, in the question “which coach deserves more to win Libertadores today”, I will be on the fence.

Felipão deserves to end his career with a grand title like this.

And Dorival deserves the cup to leverage his name in the market.

Well, and to not be so “mureteiro”, what I can say is that I feel that Dorival will get the better of it.

And for you, who deserves more?


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