Elections 2022: follow live the voting of the 2nd round in ES

This Sunday (30), Espírito Santo voters go to the polls to choose who will govern the country and Espírito Santo for the next four years.


Posted on 10/29/2022 at 7:59 pm


Dores do Rio Preto closes investigation

The municipality of Dores do Rio Preto is the first capixaba to close the count of the second round, at 17:25. The information is from the Regional Electoral Court (TRE) of Espírito Santo.


What happens if I don’t appear in the elections and don’t justify?

The fine for not attending and not justifying the vote is calculated on top of the base amount of R$35.13, and can represent between 3% and 10% of this amount. Thus, to regularize their situation, the voter will pay an amount of up to R$3.51 per shift not shown. Check out more details here.


Live: analysis of the 2022 Elections in ES and Brazil

With the end of the voting time, the special live of the vehicles of the Gazette Network, with analyzes of the 2022 Elections in Espírito Santo and Brazil. Follow live!


Voting for the 2nd round of Election 2022 is closed

The gates of polling places closed at 5 pm this Sunday (30). From now on, the counting of votes begins.


“We are ending elections with tranquility”, says Moraes

Minister Alexandre de Moraes, president of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), said this Sunday afternoon (30) that the election is ending in a climate of “absolute tranquility, security and peace”. The minister said he believed that, even with the operations of the Federal Highway Police (PRF) that delayed the vote of voters, turnout will be higher due to free public transport in several cities. “In principle, abstention should be lower,” he said.

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