Ending Explained of The Last Night, Horror Movie on Netflix

Want to watch a Christmas movie but like a good thriller? The Last Night (2021), a movie that recently arrived on Netflix, unites the best of both worlds. Directed by Camille Griffin, the feature film follows a group of friends who gather to spend the last night before the end of the world.

In the plot, Nell (Keira Knightley) and Simon (Matthew Goode) invite their friends to celebrate Christmas at the country house. However, the arrival of friends makes grudges and anxieties resurface after years. The past, therefore, confronts everyone in a Christmas mood filled with the expectation of the end of the world.

In The Last Night, the viewer confronts the idea that everyone must die, but first they want to enjoy every moment. After all, a great environmental apocalypse is knocking on humanity’s door. Understand the end of The Last Night, a movie available in the Netflix catalog.

Netflix releases November 2022.

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Understand the end of The Last Night

In the end, The Last Night shows the queen of the United Kingdom in a statement. She took refuge in a bunker and asked all her subjects to take a pill with the intention of leaving in peace. The film does not explain the origin of the environmental apocalypse, on the contrary. The dialogues only suggest hints, as if no official explanation was revealed to people.

During the film, the couple Nell and Simon gathered a group of friends to spend their last night together. Throughout the period, they shared their deepest secrets and took the opportunity to bring the past to light. Also, everyone had to decide whether or not to take the pill.

The end of The Last Night shows that people made the decision based on emotion. Some, like Art, still wanted to fight. However, most were about to die. When the storm hit and took almost everyone away, Art survived the apocalypse, but everyone around him was dead. Not because of weather events, however. But, yes, for fear of facing the fury of nature.

Finally, the movie The Last Night is available in the Netflix catalog.

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