Find out about the actress who played Idalina, the villain in Force of a Desire

A newcomer to Viva, Força de Um Desejo brings back big names like Nathalia Timberg, who played the great villain in the soap opera by Gilberto Braga and Alcides Nogueira.

The actress gave life to Idalina Menezes de Albuquerque Silveira, mother of Baroness Helena (Sônia Braga) and who was married to Leopoldo (Cláudio Correa Castro), a member of a noble family and the most powerful in the region at the time of coffee.


Machiavellian villain

Without any scruples and very secretive, Idalina dreamed of seeing one of her grandchildren married to Alice (Lavinia Vlasak), daughter of Higino, the main enemy of the family. All this to get your lost heritage back.

And it wasn’t just Force of a Desire that the actress played a bad woman. Nathalia had already played other villains in As Bruxas (1970) and in Rosa dos Ventos (1973), both from the defunct TV Tupi, and in A Sucessora (1978), from Globo, where she did everything to keep the couple from protagonists played by Susana Vieira and Rubens de Falco.

“I give a strong record to the characters, both in voice and image. And since the villain needs to be strong, that weighs in on the choice, doesn’t it?” These are bad women who have remained in the public’s memory. “The antagonist, when he’s good, takes the plot, because if there are no obstacles to overcome, things don’t happen, the story doesn’t advance,” the actress told Memória Globo.


Partnership with Gilberto Braga

Gilberto Braga

It was Gilberto Braga who gave her most of her most memorable roles in Brazilian teledramaturgy. The partnership began in Vale Tudo (1988), where Nathalia played Celina Junqueira, sister of the iconic Odete Roitman (Beatriz Segall). She was the one who took care of the children and managed the family home in Rio de Janeiro.

Then, the veteran was in O Dono do Mundo (1991) and Força de Um Desejo (199), both telenovelas in which she played a villain. In addition, the actress was in Celebrity (2003) and Insensato Coração (2011).

The biggest recent highlight of Nathalia was in Babilônia (2015), where she gave life to the character Estela, who formed a couple with Teresa (Fernanda Montenegro). The pair of octogenarian lesbians starred in the controversial kiss in the first chapter, a fact that marked the soap opera and was the trigger for its failure, receiving numerous conservative attacks.


Where is Nathalia Timberg, the Idalina of Strength of a Desire?

Born on August 5, 1929, in the city of Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Nathalia comes from a family with Dutch and Belgian origins and has never had children.


It premiered on TV in 1956, at the Grande Teatro Tupi, shown by the extinct broadcaster. Since then, he has worked on the also extinct TV Manchete, Band, Record and Globo, where he debuted in the soap opera Um Rosto de Mulher, in 1965.

Her last television work was in two novels by Walcyr Carrasco: O Outro Lado do Paraíso (2017), in which she made a cameo as Beatriz de Sá Junqueira – one of the people responsible for helping Clara (Bianca Bin) in her revenge – and A Dona do Pedaço (2019), where she played the dondoca Gladys.

Currently 93 years old, Nathalia was still in the cast of the fourth season of the series Sessão de Terapia, aired by GNT and starring Selton Mello.

In Força de Um Desire, it is possible to appreciate his work from Monday to Saturday, at 3:30 pm – with a rerun at 11:45 pm.

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