how to make hair look wet

Jade Picon and Anitta joined the wet hair (Photo: Matheus Yashi and Getty Images)

Jade Picon and Anitta joined the wet hair (Photo: Matheus Yashi and Getty Images)

In the wave of aesthetics inspired by mermaids (mermaidcore) and the sea (acquacore), the wet hair – that one wet looking hair — has emerged and is once again on the rise among the famous.

Anita (Photo: Getty Images)

Anita (Photo: Getty Images)

Recently, this was the bet of anita for the red carpet of the VMAs, one of the main international music awards. But she’s not the only one, see? Jade Picon and Vanessa Hudgensfor example, also joined the trend.

To “steal” the look of these and other stars, Ruth Damaris, hairdresser and visagist, emphasizes that “it is necessary to dry and, if necessary, brush the hair well and then use finishers with a wet effect, such as ointments, gels , jellies and oils” — prefer products with strong hold and texture suitable for your hair type (curly hair tends to do better with denser formulas. For straight hair, on the other hand, a good oil is usually enough) .

“It’s worth combing the strands back or making a kind of side fringe, as in the classic way, or leaving them ‘messy’ for a more modern, stripped result”, says the expert. “You can also apply this technique only on the top of the head and leave the length natural, in a ponytail or bun, for example”, she adds. Check out more inspirations:

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