‘I thought it was a bag’; video

Diver Andy Cracchiolo had an unusual “encounter” at Topanga Beach, near Los Angeles, in the United States: he came across a “ghost” sea creature. The animal’s fully transparent body caught the attention of Cracchiollo, who recorded his walk on video, posted on his Instagram profile on the 15th.

At first, the diver thought the creature was a fish. But later, he researched and discovered that it was a salpa, of the Thetys vagina species. In the video’s caption, Cracchiolo wrote an explanation about the animal, taken from the scientific portal Southern Fried Science.

According to the text, salps “float across the open ocean, sometimes singly, but often in large aggregations”. “They swim and feed by pumping water through their bodies, filtering out plankton and expelling a jet of water from an organ called a siphon.”

In the video, you can see that the animal has a mouth and a fin on its tail. On the body, it is possible to notice only a spiral on the back.

“I was diving and taking pictures, looking for garbage and treasures. I saw the creature and thought it was a plastic bag, transparent and white, with something that looked like a sea snail inside. site many times and I had never seen anything like it,” Cracchiolo told the British newspaper Daily Star.

According to websites specializing in marine life, salps are known as “ocean vacuum cleaners”. They have great suction ability and filter water. They feed on phytoplankton, microzooplankton and even bacteria. Often confused with jellyfish, salps do not pose the same danger as jellyfish.

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