Information on the trial of Sport x Vasco at STJD

(1/11)About Sport x Vasco at STJD… đŸ§¶
The trial takes place next Thursday, November 3, at 2 pm. The process takes place in the 4th Disciplinary Committee of the STJD and has as its reporting auditor, Dr. Adriene Silveira Hassen.

(2/11) The main debate is around Sport’s denunciation by Art. 205, §1 of the CBJD, precisely what provides for the loss of points of the sporting entity, when the suspension is caused by its fans:

(3/11)”Art. 205. Prevent the continuation of the match, event or equivalent that is being disputed, due to intentional numerical insufficiency of its athletes or in any other way.

(4/11)”PENA: fine, from R$ 100.00 (one hundred reais) to R$ 100,000.00 (one hundred thousand reais), and loss of points in dispute in favor of the opponent, according to the regulations.”

(5/11)”§ 1 The sports entity is subject to the penalties of this article if the suspension of the match has been proven to be caused or provoked by its fans.”

(6/11) The case is of interest to the Vasco lawyer, since the confusion was similar and occurred on the same day as the conflicts on Ilha do Retiro. The judgment, therefore, is considered an indication for Sport X Vasco, next week. The result in relation to CearĂ¡ was as follows:

(7/11) Art.211 CBJD – CearĂ¡ unanimously acquitted (5 to 0).
Art. 213 CBJD- CearĂ¡ sentenced by majority (4 to 1) – fined R$100 thousand and punished with six games of loss of home field behind closed doors
Art. 205 CBJD – CearĂ¡ acquitted by majority (3 to 2).

(8/11) The rapporteur of the case understood that the use of rubber bullets by police caused panic and forced the fans present at CastelĂ£o to seek shelter elsewhere. According to this understanding, what caused the invasion was the action of the police and not the CearĂ¡ fans.

(9/11) The vote was accompanied by three other auditors. However, it left room for another result, when two other jurists disagreed.

(11/10) Auditor Eduardo Mello:
“The 205 is clear in stating the interruption. And what happened was the interruption and, due to the lack of security, there is no intention of CearĂ¡, but it was done by its fans. We saw the players run from the fury of their fans. So, I understand to apply article 205″

(11/11) Auditor Gustavo Caputo:
“I don’t see how to rule out article 205. The match was interrupted because of the CearĂ¡ fans, with confusion and throwing chairs, which justified the police’s strategy of trying to evacuate safely”

Note: CearĂ¡’s case was judged by the 5th Disciplinary Commission and Sport’s case will be judged 4th, with another formation. The point is that there is not a single understanding in the Court.

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