Is your Caixa Tem blocked? See how to reactivate the account by WhatsApp

O box has was created in 2020 with the aim of initially making payments for the Emergency Aid. However, currently the application is a kind of digital wallet for the Federal Savings Bank offering various financial services.

Through the digital platform, in addition to receiving government assistance benefits, such as Auxílio Brasil, account holders can pay bills and slips, make online purchases using the virtual debit card, among other possibilities.

Given these attributes, access to the application becomes indispensable in the lives of several Brazilian citizens, including those who are served by the largest income transfer program in the country, the Brazil aid.

Therefore, in case the registration is blocked, the beneficiary must seek ways to rehabilitate it as soon as possible. See how to recover your Caixa Tem pelo Whatsapp Next.

What can lead to Caixa Tem blocking?

There are a few reasons that can lead to the blockage of Caixa Tem. Check out:

  • More than one CPF registered on the device;
  • Exceed the monthly account movement limit (R$ 5,000 per month);
  • Irregularities in the registration;
  • Suspected fraud or breach of application terms of use;
  • Even CPF registered on more than one cell phone.

How to unlock Caixa Tem by WhatsApp?

See the step by step:

  1. Download the Caixa Tem app, available for Android and iOS;
  2. Access your account with your CPF and password;
  3. In the application menu, find the option “Release Access”;
  4. The user will be forwarded through the automatic help system. Click on the available icon and access the generated link to start a conversation on WhatsApp;
  5. Once this is done, just follow the guidelines for sending the documents necessary to unlock Caixa Tem.

According to Caixa, the action may take up to 48 hours to process. If access is not released after this period, the indication is to look for a branch of the financial institution. On occasion, it will be necessary to present an official identification document to authorize the device.

Caixa Tem update

In an attempt not to lose access to the application, it is important to keep the registration always updated. Therefore, in order to have access to all the application’s functions, it is important to always keep it up to date. See how below:

  1. Open the Caixa Tem app;
  2. Login with CPF and password;
  3. Go to “Update your registration” (have your documents in hand);
  4. Tap “Got it, let’s get started”;
  5. On the next screen, confirm your data (the app will first show your address; if it is up to date, click on “Yes, it is correct”, if not, go to “My address has changed);
  6. Once this is done, inform if you were born in Brazil or not and click on “Next”;
  7. Then, tap on “I understand, let’s go” and inform your source of income, value, how long you have been receiving, profession and assets;
  8. When finished, click “Next” and press “Confirm” if the data is correct;
  9. To validate your registration, tap on “Continue” and choose which document will be sent;
  10. Then, click “Continue” again and follow the instructions on the next screens to send the images.

Ready! After updating your registration, Caixa Tem will unlock access to account resources within 48 hours.

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