Marcos Braz talks about renewal with Dorival and mentions that Flamengo will respect TRE’s request

Since the arrival of Dovival Junior, the Flamengo from water to wine. And the great work has reflected not only in good performances, but also in titles. This Saturday’s Libertadores Cup crowns the synergy between the coach and his squad. In this sense, the vice president of football, Marcos Braz, spoke about the possible renewal with the commander.

– I mean the importance of the title for the club. The club is the most deserving, the fans, the 42 million, who are passionate, who like Flamengo. Dorival wants to stay, Flamengo wanted him to stay. There’s a lot of small talk that if they didn’t have the titles maybe I wouldn’t stay. Dorival and I always talk and there are things that we don’t disclose in public,” he admitted.

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In addition, the professional highlighted the importance of the Copa Libertadores title, even more so in this year in which the club was questioned and experienced ups and downs. Braz also highlighted the signings of the second window, which according to him, gave ‘muscle’ to the titles.

– It’s a milestone to win another Libertadores. We are very happy, calm. Go through what we went through. It was very hard, because at one point they were cowardly. It’s not a charge. Whoever is in my position always has to be open to demands, even for you to improve, review situations. Now, they took cowardly situations, but thanks to God we had support, we made a big window. And that big window gave muscle and Dorival came. He was one of those who came. I always joke and say that the window started with Dorival-he said.

Finally, the manager stressed that Flamengo will respect the request of the Regional Electoral Court (TRE) not to cause a ruckus on the decisive day of Brazil’s presidential election, this Sunday.

– We have a request from the Regional Electoral Court (TRE) to take some precautions. We are going to comply with some determinations, the judicial considerations that were made to us. Tomorrow is an important day for Brazil, regardless of who likes one or the other. We have to respect the popular and democratic vote-she explained, before adding:

– Flamengo will contribute to this because they think it’s what has to be done. For a better Brazil, for our children, and more than that for football to be within this context. They always try to take football out of that context, but I think you have to be responsible within that context-he concluded.

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